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Dell visor impossible to have tech support


I have a Dell Visor that is having some problems. First the image seems to have became a little bit blurry over time, but the other problem is more critical. Often, the left eye display stops working and becomes black. I tried it in another computer and the problem persists. Also, a friend of mine that have an Samsung Odyssey tried it in my computer and it seems to have no problem at all, so I believe it should be a hardware issue with my Dell Visor itself.

The problem is that I can not contact dell service as they ask for an Service Tag and the only number I can find in the box or on it is the serial number. I bought it from a third party, so I don't have an order number from dell either. Here I found that the Dell Visor does not have a Service Tag, so why the system is asking for it to have support???

I prefer to use chat or email to talk with someone from Dell since I'm not a native speaker, but it is OK if I can do that by phone too. I would like to ask for RMA or repair under warranty if possible.

Can someone from Dell help me with this?



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