Dell - why don't you want my money?

We ordered a Precision laptop and specified to ship it to my workplace. But our CC company flagged the order because Dell used my work address as the billing address, even though our Dell account listed our personal address as the billing address.

So, I called to change the billing address on the order. And I'm getting passed around like a hot potato. Initially, it wasn't clear that my purchase was a "business" purchase, not a "consumer" purchase. Apparently, not everyone has the authority to fix customer problems.

  • Customer service is customer service, whether I buy a "consumer" or "business" laptop. It's ridiculous to get passed around 4-5 times because no one can get the right person to help fix an order.
  • Hire more people! There's no excuse for making customers wait 1.5 - 2 hours!
  • Please give me accurate wait times. Don't tell me the wait is 15 minutes when it's 50.
  • Let me mute your hold music.
  • Don't continue selling me when you can't even get my order right. It's insulting.
  • And please...hire people who I can understand and don't speak so fast. 

Dell, we want to buy your products. But you're making it really tough! Why are you driving customers away?! 

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