Disappointed by Dell India

I purchased dell inspirion 5559 last year in September. After a few days the screen started flickering. Since then I have given this laptop at the service center multiple times but the issue could not be resolved. I have contacted the technical support team many times and each time they ask me to perform the same diagnostics tests and then ask for a 2 hour time slot but they never call during that. They will call at any random time when I am unable to give them time.

Even yesterday I had given them a time slot for 11:30am-1:30pm. They say that they tried contacting me but I was not reachable. The whole time I was sitting infront of my laptop with my mobile in my hand. It had signal the whole time. So, I refuse to believe that they tried calling me during that time. They must have called at any random hour as I have mentioned above from my previous experiences

How do you expect that one can easily take out 2 hours time slot during work hours anytime the dell decides to call? Above that, services in India are only from Monday-Friday from 6am-9pm. Most of the customers are busy during this time. It is already very difficult to reach them and this time restriction makes it even more difficult.

I am tired of dealing with your team. Few days back I called customer care asking for the conditions for replacement. They again connected me to the technical team where the person who I was talking to told me that they will either replace the part or the entire unit if needed. He again told me to run the diagnostic tests but they showed no errors. After that the person told me that my laptop is fine and will not be replaced. How the *** can you tell me that my laptop is fine when you can clearly hear how frustrated I am with it.

From my experience with dell I can only conclude 2 reasons why my laptop is not getting or:
1. You hire not so inefficient technician who cannot even fix my laptop after giving it to them multiple times, or
2. Dell is just wasting my time so that when my warranty gets over I have to pay for it.
Also, the technicians at your technical team do not listen properly to what I am saying and are very rude.

I can not just keep contacting the technical team all day. I have an issue that is not getting fixed even after multiple attempts by your people at the service center. I request for a replacement for the product. I do not want to reach out to the service center because I no longer trust your team.

I previously had an HP laptop, I never had any trouble with it. Shifting from HP to Dell seems to me really big mistake.

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