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Disappointing Service

I have been a long time customer of Dell and on 2/19/2014 I put in an order for a new Alienware 18 after doing a lot of research on the computer. I am a physician and with the new Electronic medical record program we use, our IT department asked me to get a loaded Alienware to try and see if it would improve lag times in the EMR computer system. I placed the order on 2/19/2014 for a computer system that was $3911.08. The estimated delivery date was 3/6/2014 I logged on on 3/3/2014 to check the order and to my surprise, the order had been cancelled without my permission. I called Dells customer service phone number and spoke to an entry level person who then told me he could not pull up any information to the account and was transferring me to a supervisor. The supervisor told me that he would try to help me but he would need to transfer me to a different department. I set on hold for 25 minutes for the next deparment and when the supervisor answered, they promptly dropped the call. So I started over at the first phone number again..... After reconfirming all the information again on the new call, I was again transferred to a supervisor, who then transferred me to another department. After another 23 minute wait, the new department answered. I reviewed my information and order number again with the new department. She looked up my account and told me that the order had been cancelled automatically by the system, but she could not find out why. She told me she would be happy to reinstate the order, but would have to have me talk to her supervisor. She put me on hold.......and dropped the call again...... I called back to the original number.... I reviewed my information again, after being told by this nice fellow that he could not access my order, I got transferred to his supervisor, who reviewed my information, and transferred me back to the new department again. After 28 minutes, (looking at my digitial phone counter), I got another nice young lady who reviewed my account information and I was able to tell her the story of how my order got cancelled but no one knows why. She offered to reinstate the order again but would have to transfer me to her supervisor. I asked her to stay on the line, to make sure the call was not dropped, and to her credit she did. I spoke with the supervisor who reinstated the order but I noted it was for a different amount and now the order date was 3/19/2014 (after the first one being 3/6/2014). I told her this was for a computer project at work that ends Spring break week and I would have to have it before this next Tuesday or it wouldn't matter as the other computers we were testing for the new EMR are already here and have started testing. Mind you there are over 60 physicians who could possibly need duplicates of these computers to run the EMR if they worked. The very kind Customer service representative stated she would put an Expedited tag on the order and asked if I would call back in 24 hours to make sure the order was processing. I called back today and reverified my order number with the first gentlemen. He immediately stated that there was no record of my calls from the previous day and that he would have to transfer me to his supervisor..I asked him to stay on the line and he did. I spoke to the supervisor and they told me that I would need to speak to Customer care and transferred me. I asked them to stay on the line, and he did. Customer care answered after 11 minutes and I reverified my account information and order number. The care representative then told me that the new order was actually on hold and had not been submitted yet and that there was no expedited tag on the order. At this point, I asked the care representative what I would need to do to just cancel the order. She offered me a 75 dollar coupon if I wanted to keep the order date of 3/19/2013 but I again told her the story of how that would be too late to do the testing for my clinics EMR. She stated she understood and stated she would have to transfer me to another department to cancel my order. Forgetting to tell her to stay on the line (my fault), she transferred me... After 53 minutes, another lady answered (whew), she again asked me to verify the order number and I walked her through the events of the previous two weeks. She told me the order was verified as on hold and that since it had not been placed, she could cancel the new order. I asked her to send me a confirmation email to that effect and she did (and even sent a backup one!) (love this lady). She waited on the line for me to get the email. She stated that Dell would probably send a survey on her performance and to remember that I would be answering on how she did, and to not give feedback about the entire experience. I decided to come onto the USA customer care board and relay this entire experience because as a previous Dell customer, I have always LOVED this company and have been a big advocate for it in the past at my business (Over 400 total employees). I would have to say that this episode has really colored my evaluation of Dell and its Customer service. As a Dell customer, I would think the owners of the company would be worried how poorly the order system worked (or really failed) in regards to getting a paying customer a computer worth 4 grand. And they lost the future hope of repeating that sale to each other primary vendor in my company. If I had a customer who had went through something like this in the processes at my business, I would be falling all over myself to try to remedy the metrics in this broken process. I have always felt it is easier to keep a customer than to make a new one.. but that is just my opinion. Thank you for listening to this feedback, I really hope you can use it to deal with the obvious difficulties you have in your system right now. I DO WANT TO STRESS, at no point was ANY customer representative either rude or short with me. They were all very professional and hard working. Kudos to the support team for the professional demeanor. Well good luck in the future.

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RE: Disappointing Service

Hi Dr. Hannel,

Thank you for contacting the Dell Community Forum and posting your comments on our Customer Care Board. We appreciate anyone who will take the time to relate their customer journey. Feedback remains an important tool to be used in evaluating our products and services. Please allow me to apologize for any frustration or inconvenience the cancelled order may have caused. We strive to provide a great purchase experience for all of our customers.

Without having any order information I can only speculate on the cause of the difficulty. Please know that shipping dates are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Our Alienware line of business is popular and in high demand, and while we strive to meet our customer’s needs, sometimes it is necessary to delay an order due to vendor constraints.

I would be happy to look into this matter further. Please respond to my email and provide the following information so I may access your account records.

Account Name:

Email Address:

Shipping Address:

Phone Number:

Order Number:

Case Number:

Country of purchase:

Current country location:

Additionally, please allow me to suggest for future business purchases please place orders through our ‘For Work’ line of business, especially when in need of large quantities. Being a physician  and using the new electronic medical record program, your IT department would be able to speak with representatives through our Dell Health business segment who could best advise which products would improve lag times in the EMR computer system. You would have a dedicated account representative who will be a point of contact for any situation that may arise. If you would like to consider this option, I would be happy to ask a sales representative to contact you.

Thank you again for contacting us and I look forward to hearing from you.



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