Do they really want to sell computers?

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Three weeks ago I went online and ordered an Alienware desktop computer.  At checkout it asked if I wanted to take advantage of one year no interest financing.  I was going to just pay by credit card, but I thought what the heck, I'll do that I keep my own money invested for a year.  Big mistake.  One week later (Dell website still said "order processing") someone from Dell Finance called to say my application was approved but there was a "technical problem" with the order and it didn't go through, so they transferred me to Customer Care to correct the problem with the "check out basket".  Customer Care couldn't figure out why I'd called.  I told them I didn't, I'd been transferred from Dell Finance.  They told me there was no problem with my order except that Dell Finance had put a "hold" on it and they transferred me back to Dell Finance.  Over the course of four hours on the phone I was transferred to seven different people in Finance, Sales, and Customer Care.  Finally a "manager" assured me all was in order and I should sign out of my Dell account and then sign back in to check the status of my order.  I did, and guess what?  It now said "cancelled"!!!!!

I tried to reorder the computer, but in the week that had gone by the sale promotion was over and it was now $1,000 more.  I phoned and explained what happened and was transferred and transferred until finally an "inside sales supervisor" told me she would honor and reprocess the original order.  I then received two e-mails with order confirmations, each quoting a different customer number and a different order number.  Nevertheless I checked each day online and was hopeful because it said "in production", and promised a shipping date of next week.

To my surprise the courier came last night with a box from Dell.  Inside was a computer, but it wasn't my computer - it was a small OptiPlex 1030 office computer with some peripherals.  On the outside of the box was my name and address along with my customer number and order number, but also there was a printed label with a different customer name, customer number, and order number.  I phoned Dell and gave them the "service tag" number of the computer I had been sent, and they told me it was ordered by a large company that provides computers to schools in the Canadian Province of Alberta!  I asked where my computer was, and they said their records showed it was delivered to me and that I had signed for it a few hours ago.  I again explained that a computer did arrive, but it wasn't mine.  Again I was transferred to someone else.  They asked for pictures of the box and the computer with its service tag.  I promptly emailed the pictures and they then sent me a prepaid courier label and asked me to call the courier to pick up the computer so it could be sent to Calgary, Alberta.  When I phoned just now to see where my computer is I was told "you received it yesterday and signed for it".  Three calls later I am no further ahead.  

What do I do?  Do these people really want to sell computers?

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RE: Do they really want to sell computers?

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Greetings Craig,

I regret the overall experience. Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address. Let me look up for the order status. 

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

Dell-Sahana R
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