Done with Dell

My Dell laptop died due to hard drive failing after about 4 1/2 years.  I didn't want to buy from them again due to bad experiences in the past, but I needed a computer fast and was familiar with their products after owning Dell computers for 20 years. 

I ordered a "scratch and dent" laptop from Dell Outlet on 4/6.  Received emails verifying purchase and the delivery date of 4/16.  Heard nothing from Dell so I checked the status on 4/11.  Showed it still pending with a cryptic line indicating the order was modified or cancelled.  Tried chat support and was told the order was cancelled.  No notice from Dell to let a customer know what's going on. 

Tried to call telephone support.  Big mistake!  After over an hour on hold I spoke with a support person from India/Pakistan with an accent too thick to understand.  I finally figured out that he was going to call me back after I gave him my order information.  Over an hour waiting to be told they would call me back because they couldn't address my concerns!

Tried to get help from chat again after I realized the computer I ordered was no longer available.  Asked if I could get the 2 day shipping fee waived.  Was told he couldn't do anything about that.  Finally, over 12 hours later, I got an email stating they would offer me a $40 discount.  Note there was no discount code with that, meaning I would probably have to wait an hour to talk to someone.....again.

Checked online and found a Hewlett-Packard computer at Staples that was the same configuration as the "scratch and dent" but new, with more RAM, and about the same cost!  Drove 5 minutes and I have the computer I'm using now! 

My personal information was compromised a couple of years ago by Dell when I started receiving scam calls from Pakistan/India from people with my name, number, even Dell tag number!  I reported it to Dell and received no response. 

I'll never buy another Dell product.  This is how companies fail