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Easily the worst customer service I have experienced

Ordered a TV on 12/9/19. Today, 12/13/2019, I was concerned that the item hadn't moved since 12/10/2019. Just an oddity and I wanted to check it out so I called the company handling the shipment Pilot Freight Company.

Well this is where things get rough.

Pilot doesn't know when the TV is. It might be on a dock in Texas (order is coming to VA). Then I see the reviews of Pilot losing items, messing them up significantly, and delivering items weeks late.

So I call Dell to see about canceling this item and they can deal with the shipper to get the TV (where ever it is) and their money back and I can go purchase the item locally as I should have done in the first place.

2 hours later and 3 people (one of which we will talk about in a moment) I have been nothing shy of offended.

1.5 hours spent with 2 agents I could not understand who did not listen to anything I said. 

30 minutes spent with "Derek Barius" who is supposedly the floor supervisor of customer service. He said he would give me a refund with a 15% restocking fee to which I said I will never authorize because I MADE NO MISTAKE. He stated I could contact a lawyer or my credit card company if I wanted it dealt with differently. When I asked for his supervisors name I was told he was as high as the chain went. I work is CSM and I know that means he doesn't want me to explain his actions to his supervisor. 

He constantly spoke over me and told me to listen to him. 

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I will spread this message far and wide. Dell is a huge company but if I can keep one singular person from spending their money with this joke of a company I will feel some form of vindication.

Summary, I have no idea where my product is. Dell is holding $650 hostage. And I have been treated like a mutt on a side street by their customer service department.