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Ebay Ownership transfer Latitude Tablet ST

I purchased a Latitude Tablet ST from a seller on eBay and the screen keeps going off. I contacted the seller several times requesting his name, address..etc in order to change the warrany but he never responded. Would you advise me what to do, please? I need to have it repaired. Thanks.

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RE: Ebay Ownership transfer Latitude Tablet ST


Doesn't sound like a reputable ebay seller. The Dell one year warranty on this Latitude ST expires on 11/30/2013. Click Here, then click "Send a Private Message". Provide to me following information -
Email Address:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number:

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RE: Ebay Ownership transfer Latitude Tablet ST

you should contact ebay care if the seller is not cooperating since all users are bound by its terms

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RE: Ebay Ownership transfer Latitude Tablet ST

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RE: Ebay Ownership transfer Latitude Tablet ST

You should also contact PayPal if this is within 45 days of transaction, as they'll open a dispute on your behalf.

If you are within that time period, you should demand a refund (you'll need to pay return shipping costs) & deal with reputable sources. Feedback is critical when dealing with eBay sellers. While there is some with tens of thousands of positive feedback, there's others with either a low amount of feedback (items sold) or with recent negative feedback.

There are plenty of legit sources with promo codes for most any Dell that you want, many of which leads one to the Dell site itself.

For instance, the XPS 8700 that I recently purchased from Costco was $350 less than the same configuration on the Dell site & came with a free copy of Kaspersky Internet Security that I didn't even need, as the PC shipped with one year of McAfee Internet Security.

I only use eBay for accessories that's either overly expensive elsewhere, or hard to find parts for older computers. Not for buying computers & especially software, such as Windows or Office.

Also Dell has an online outlet themselves for those looking for bargains. Some of which are simply open box computers that didn't meet the customer's needs. These computers usually are checked out better than new ones are to insure a properly functioning product.


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