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Extremely frustrating technical support experience so far


I'm experience an extremely frustrating experience with Dell technical/customer support. I purchased a XPS 13 a few months ago. It didn't function properly from the start. A tech came out in person to my house and was unable to fix the issue. The customer support has been poor. I've called the technical department 9 times and spent 10 hours dealing with an inefficient outsourced technical support team. They repeat the same steps every time I call in due to improper note taking. Their extremely unreliable calling back at scheduled times. It happened again today with the ARG department. She called me, I explained the issue (for the 10th time), she said she would call back at 6:00. She didn't call, no email no nothing. I left the gym early to rush home out of respect for appointment times. Employee #4161054 From The "Advanced Resolution Group" Did Not Call Me Back! How can we resolve this? PLEASE have a Tech 3 call me back tomorrow, I'm available at all times! Whatever it takes to put this experience behind me.  

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