First and last time I will EVER deal with DELL!!

I have learned a lot the past 36 hours, the first being that my first time ordering from Dell will now be my last. If anyone from Dell support has been following my posts at all, you will be happy to know that the laptop I ordered is now in transit to my local FedEx. So thank you for the lack of help. I will be sure to make my daughters college aware of Dells customer service and the reason for her lack of a laptop. The only reason why we chose to purchase a Dell was because her college has a contract with Dell and they offered discounts. But no discount is worth this trouble, and since not one of the 9 service reps that I spoke with in the past 36 hours could offer to go that extra step to change an order, my daughter will be going to her college for the first week without a computer  (at LEAST 1 week since I have read other comments about how slowly Dell pushes that refund button.. takes a lot of effort I know)  I will be sure to relay to her IT dept just how helpful you all haven't been, and hope that one day they get their contract with ANYONE other than Dell

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