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Getting Help with a Return

I mistakenly purchased a wired printer. I need a wireless printer. I need to return my printer to Dell, and from what I can see, I require an authorization number in order to return the printer. I have been on hold for over an hour. I just spoke with a person who told me I had the wrong department (this was a number I was given personally by some guy on the Dell Facebook page) and was going to transfer me to the right department and I just got cut off! How do I return a <profanity> item to Dell? Do I have to have an authorization? Do I have to deal with the phone system filled with <attacking> people! Can I just return the item? I was going to simply buy my wireless printer from Dell, but, as far as I am concerned at this point, they are the worst, most <attacking> people on the face of the earth and I will never buy a product from them again.

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RE: Getting Help with a Return

We understand that you are upset, but the profanity and disparaging comments are not acceptable on this Dell Forum.

To initiate the CRA (credit return authorization), contact Order Support via Chat tomorrow or Email.

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