Gift card invalid

I have a physical gift card purchased from Dell.com several years ago but never used. Today when I checked balance it said that the gift card number is invalid. Could someone help me with this issue? Thank you.

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RE: Gift card invalid

Hi suyi,

Thank you for reaching out to us on Dell Community Customer Care Board regarding your gift card.

Please share the below details by Private Message.

-          Scanned image of the back /front of the card

-          Customer  Account Name: 

-          Ship to Address:

-          Phone:

-          Email Address:

-          Gift Card #:

-          Gift Card PIN #:

-          Gift Card $ Amount:

-          Where the gift card was purchased:

-          Method of payment (Credit Card or DPA?)

-          State issued ID

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RE: Gift card invalid

I am having the same issue and called Dell. Still on phone as they have no idea. I have over $300 in multiple cards and I just scratched the PINs. They came in nice Blue Round Dell tins and they all say Balance never expires on them.

Did they resolve your issue?

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