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Giving up the most horrify product and customer care in my life

I am customer of <Service tag removed>

History of the most horrify product and customer care in my life:

I received a Dell laptop as Christmas gift on Dec 2020>>>>

During pandemic, there was a delay of 2 months of delivery. It was understandable.>>>>

I went for a business trip around Feb 2021>>>>

I came back on April 14, 2021>>

I tried my laptop and found that it freeze and go to recovery page every 10 mins.>>

Called technical support>>>>

Spend 3 days on remote access by the technician>>>>

Technician transferred me to customer care for exchange>>>>

Hang up my call>>>>>

I called again to order department>>>

Roga Kxxx hang up my call>>>>

Called again and accepted by the another agent>>>

Transfer me back to technical support>>>>>>

Repeat the same cycle again X2>>>>>

Suggest me to call Customer care department>>>>>

I repeat my issue multiple times  and finally, transfer me to Manager>>>>>

Customer care manager, Hebeshi Mxxxx, won't provide the exchange and transfer me back to technical support.


After this bloody cycle, I rated worse score for all my review in youtube, facebook, amazon......

And I suggested my friend, family and colleague that please never buy any Dell product and services.

This is why Dell business is failing in North America.


Dell....No more, and No thanks.


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We apologize for the experience you have had with the computer. I have been through the case you've had with the technical support on whatsapp. 


We can assist you with troubleshooting the issues here if required over a remote session. 


If there are any hardware issues, we can have a service set up as per the warranty and have the necessary parts replaced. 


Most issues are sorted out through driver and firmware updates. If there are any OS related issues, we can even look into reinstalling the OS using the factory image.


Do get back to us over a private message. We would also strongly recommend editing or deleting the service tag from the original post. 



Aniketh S

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Aniketh S
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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