Gone through 3 bad hard drives in 1 year? REALLY?

I am frustrated, I have gone through 3 bad hard drives in one year.  For the last service, Dell wanted to send a new HD, but I demanded a new laptop. Instead, they said that they can take the laptop and do a complete test.  Well, you would think that they would take the laptop apart and look into each component.  Don't know, but they only had it for 24 hours because I received it 3 days later.  I don't know their testing procedures, but if they just ran the normal diagnostics they did nothing different as I did at home.

The 1st bad drive is "bad luck", the 2nd bad drive is "coincidence", the 3rd is a problem, and I ma on the 4th.  IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR.  I truly believe that the laptop has some other part that damages the drive.  Either that is the problem, or DELL's quality control on 1TB drives is VERY, VERY POOR, or the quality of their suppliers is bad.  I doubt the last two options are the reason because they would be loosing a lot of money and would fix is immediately.

I have been using DELLs since 1994.  Service at work was always impeccable and never had problem with the products at home.  But this time, I would say that I would be better purchasing another brand.

I want a new laptop because to tell you the truth, I don't trust this piece of junk any more.  I am scared to start using this unit again and loose data one more time because of another "faulty HD".  I even thought save everything on an external HD.... but why? This is a 1TB disk, so why I should used an external HD?

I looked around on the website for almost an hour and I cannot find how I can escalate this issue.  Does anybody knows where? 

Dell Evangelist.

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