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Got an order cancelled without previous notification

Dear Dell,

My order got cancelled and no previous attempt was made to contact me to let me know if there was an issue. I only found out when I checked my order status. I had, in the past, an order that got held up because of an issue regarding the credit card, was notified of that and I got the issue resolved. Why something similar wasn't done in this occasion is beyond me and has changed my view of how your company works.  As a result I have already made my purchase elsewhere and will think twice about purchasing your products in the future as well as recommending you to other people who request my advice regarding what you sell. So, what do you plan to address this? Let me know, if you even care!


Edwin Chuy

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RE: Got an order cancelled without previous notification

The "Customer Care FAQ's" states,

Questions posted on this Forum Board will be initially responded to within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. A Care liaison will get to your post.

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