Help! Dell has failed to repair after 2x and send back computer with a hard drive failure!!

Getting very frustrated with Customer Service and Repair Center.

Inspiron 15 - Bought new April 2016 – Under Warranty until April 2018.

May 10, 2017 - The computer began making a crackling noise from the keyboard and the screen had bars running across it. We spoke to a representative at the Resolution Center which was a difficult conversation as this person didn’t seem to be taking the information down and kept having us repeat the problem and other information.

We were instructed to send the computer in for repair and the computer was returned to us as repaired.

We immediately checked the computer and found that the screen still had bars, and this was on 5/26.

I called and talked to Abhishek in the Resolution Center and told him that we had already sent this in for repair and it was still not fixed. He assured us that he would escalate our repair and that if we sent it in for repair again it would be fixed.

We immediately sent it in again on 5/27.

The computer was again returned and they reportedly fixed the LCD Screen and returned to us.

We received the computer back approximately 6/12 and on July 4 we tried to work on it. We quickly found that it was very slow loading webpages and many times pages would not even load. We have other pc’s and they were not having any problems so this was isolated to this computer. We ran diagnostics twice on the computer and it failed both times. The error code is 2000-0142 which according to Dell is a bad hard drive.

We are going on the 3rd time having to be faced with returning for service the same computer within a 2 month period. When I spoke to Abhisheck I told him that we would not be returning a 3rd time and instead would be seeking some other more effective resolution if the 2nd fix did not work. 

We have warranty through Costco which expires April 2018 and we do not envision sending this computer in every 2 months until April 2018.

Please give me the name and number of someone other than Customer Service who can help resolve this problem as we are getting extremely frustrated with this poor communication and service.


Now we are being told that we are out of warranty but that is untrue because we have 2 years from Costco and there is implied warranty after the first and second failed fixes. I want to talk to someone who really knows what needs to be done to make this right. As it stands right now, I am feeling that Dell spends more time trying to ignore and get out of standing behind their product than they do actually fixing the defective products. Last Dell we ever buy and if this isn't resolved honorably I will make a point to dissuade everyone I know from ever buying a Dell.

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RE: Help! Dell has failed to repair after 2x and send back computer with a hard drive failure!!

The standard Dell warranty covers months 1 through 12 of ownership. Sounds like you are out of that period.

You will either contact Costco Concierge (Costco's standard warranty extension for months 13 to 24) or Square Trade (months 25 to 36) for extended warranty service.

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RE: Help! Dell has failed to repair after 2x and send back computer with a hard drive failure!!


I regret the overall experience. This is not what we want our customers to go through. As per the agreement we have with our reseller, we would not be able to assist you with technical queries if the warranty is purchased through the reseller. However, please share the service tag, your name and email address . I'll let you know further options. 

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