Help! Serious Issues with Dell Resolution Team

I am absolutely in shock with the handling of my concerns following a Dell Outlet order last month.

During the entire process, multiple departments of Dell have really soured this Alienware purchase on so many levels by shipping an improperly configured product, inappropriately obfuscating return policies, changing their accounting of events multiple times, not following through with promises for contact, and denying my requests for further escalation.

Most notably, the Resolution Team have mishandled communications occurring from 7-11 July.  The manager I spoke to on 11 July  really made it difficult to see it as anything other than intentional deception.  

After speaking to 3 members of the department on the 7th, 10th, and 11th, the manager asserted that I never talked to the Returns department on the 7th.  He them proceeded to change that story every time I challenged him with the facts of those multiple conversations and pointed out inconsistencies with what he was saying.  Not having spoke to them at all changed to I was only transferred through the returns department and I therefore never discussed anything with them and that all of my discussions were with another department.  Next he admited he had no way of verifying how long I was on the phone with each department. At some point he started stating I was specifically refused by a member of the department  on the 7th (day 29 after purchase) to return the extended warranty for my laptop and continued to deny refunding it without returning the whole purchase because I needed to have returned it by the 7th (the same day he said I was denied returning it) in order to return it on its own.

 Everything was a contradiction or plain incorrect.  I supposedly asked the wrong department if I could return the warranty, not advised by his department, but somehow specifically told denied return of the warranty and told about the next business day return policy of their department (when the 30th day falls on a weekend).  I was only eligible to return the warranty on the 7th, denied on the 7th, and somehow at the same time I never requested to make the return.  Their procedures for the next business day policy are to process returns with an override yet they they have no ability to override for the warranty return. At multiple times I requested that an escalation be submitted to review call logs/recordings, but he rebutted that even if the calls were reviewed, it would only be by a separate department for internal quality control and could not be used to assist in my escalation request.

With all of these contradictions and obfuscation of the return policy, the Returns/Resolution department accepted no responsibility to process my requested return that was requested within 30 days and requested again within the  policy stated by the department! After almost an hour on the phone, the manager agreed to pass my concerns to the customer service department that handles escalations (after telling me that no further escalations we're allowed) and then he would get back to me. Its been 8 days and neither have contacted me.

I truly believe I have done my due diligence as a customer to allow the Returns/Resolution and Customer Service teams to address this problem. I am finding it difficult to view this experience as a mistake instead of as intentional deception or even legal misrepresentation.  I am really hoping an employee of Dell will contact me so that I can provide them any further details they need to help me gain resolution.

Thank you

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RE: Help! Serious Issues with Dell Resolution Team

Greetings Robertson,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice. This is definitely not what Dell is known for. Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address. I'll review the order history and get back to you with an update.

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

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