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Horrible Alienware (Dell) service in India


Hey would just like to point of to any Alienware potential buyers that the servicing is horrible in India. Suffering from the last 4 months and still counting due to unknowledgeable technicians and bad repair, motherboard was replaced 4 times to get the laptop running (slowly compared to original) , meanwhile these repair damaged my battery and keyboard. First battery was replaced then keyboard was replaced , 5 min after the repair keys popped out and it was again replaced. 4 days after second replacement again key popped out. Have told the service center about the same and they are "looking into it" and the repair is still ongoing The following are the problem with Alienware service in India 1. Unknowledgeable third party technician who damage your laptop more 2. Bad quality products are send as replacement which are changed again and again which damge the laptop further (no proper quality check is done). 3. Very bad and slow response from the Dell customer care team ( slow reply in email and no prompt calls back if asked) 

Wouldn't recommend anybody to buy Alienware in India just because the service is horrible and quality of products replaced is bad.

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