Horrible Dell customer service

I purchased a laptop as a Christmas present, and when it was opened it immediately malfunctioned. After speaking to the first of many extremely rude, sarcastic and generally unhelpful support staff, we sent the laptop back for repair. It was gone for over 2 weeks, and when returned we experienced the exact same screen malfunction that it was sent away from. We called Dell to ask for a refund since their product was defective, and the technician who said his name was “uh, Roger” then laughed informed us the 30 day warranty was up (I understand warranties, but since the laptop was in Dells possession for at least 14 days—not fixing it apparently— we asked the technician if there was any way we could speak to a manager to resolve this issue. He stated “I guess you should just wait until Easter!”, laughed again and hung up. It is extremely apparent that Dell does not monitor their customer service technicians, nor do they care about their faulty products or their customers’ loyalty. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy their products, unless you like spending hundreds of dollars for nothing and having employees insult you.