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Horrible customer service (Netherlands)

Dear readers and Dell employees,

First of all sorry for any spelling mistakes, English isn't my native language and therefore my grammar isn't perfect.

Since your social media channels won't answer my questions. complaints and messages I would like to tell my story on this forum. I'm not sure if this will do anything for me since I'm living in the Netherlands but still, i feel the need to share my story.

System: Alienware Area 51-R2
Warranty: 3 years NBD with premium phone support

My problems started in February 2018. My Alienware Area 51-R2 started crashing randomly during gaming sessions multiple times a day. After a few phone calls, promises of people to call back that weren't fullfilled, more phone calls, lots of tests, windows reinstalls and even more phone calls they finally decided the problem was my memory. They asked me to swap 2 sticks and see if that would resolve the issue. I swapped 2 sticks and the problems went away until early June.

Again, lots of phone calls, tests and stress one of your technicians decided the problem was my motherboard and possible my memory. An appointment was made to replace it. A few days later the technician showed up, swapped out the motherboard and 2 (out of 4) memory sticks, tried to boot the system but got a warning that he couldn't fix. He put all the old parts back in and left the system with the same issues as before. According to him the motherboard was not working and the memory he had with him wouldn't work in my system.

After more phone calls with tech support a decision was made to again replace the motherboard and memory, this time also the processor would be swapped. We made an appointment and I was told the technician would call me before 10:00 that day to confirm a time slot. At 10:15 I called dell and was told the repair couldn't be done because the part wasn't available. I was surprised to hear this on the day itself after waiting quite some time. Dell should have called the day before or at least before 10:00 on the day of repair to explain the problem and reschedule. After a new appointment was made a few days later, the technician showed up with the parts. He swapped the motherboard and processer which worked fine. He also swapped the memory (same type as the first repair) but couldn't get the system working. According to this technician (it was a different one than the time before) the memory he had with him wouldn't work in my system. 2 technicians both agree the memory wouldn't work. The question: "why does dell send this type of memory" was answered with: "they don't manufacture it anymore".

After the 2nd repair I ended up with a new motherboard and processor. The system would boot however 1 (or multiple) fans would be spinning on full speed all the time. According to the technician this would be solved by removing Alienware Command Center, rebooting the system, installing Alienware Command Center. Offcourse this was the first thing I did however without any effect.

So, back to calling tech support. After multiple tests, phone calls, e-mails, new tests, uninstalling programs, reinstalling windows, installing software to check on the fans nothing was found. They decided to plan a third repair. The tech support told me they would send all of the fans with the technician so if needed he could replace 1 or all. However once the technician arrived he told me he didn't have the proper fan with him. How can it be that 3 out of 3 repairs all had faulty or wrong parts? The technician did change something in the software that stopped the fans from spinning full speed but resulted in them not spinning at all (only idle). I immediately checked the dell website for solutions, reinstalled Alienware Command Center to no effect, followed other steps given to me by the tech support again, to no effect and ended up with a computer that stutters during gaming, loads so much slower then ever before, gets up to 80+ degrees Celsius and doesn't have fans that properly work.

The tech support guy that helped me so far had to talk to his supervisor (third line is the term he used) and I would be notified of their chosen solution. A few days later I got a call that my computer would be collected for repairs and sent back to me 15 working days later. I would be contacted one or maybe two days later to make an appointment to pick up the system. However, a few hours later I got a call saying the system was too heavy so it wouldn't be picked up. I asked what the next step was and again, the tech support had to have a discussion with his supervisor (third line) and would let me know the outcome.

4 days later I still didn't recieve a phone call so I called myself. I got told the guy that handled my case would call me back that same day. This didn't happen (again, a promise made that isn't fulfilled). Since it was on friday I had to wait the weekend as well. Which brings us to today. Once again, I decided to call tech support, I got told: "the one that handles your case is busy with another client right now, I told him to call you back when he is done, shouldn't be more then 10-20 minutes". No problem, I have waited for 2 and a half months allready I can wait a few minutes more. An hour and a half later I decided to call Dell again, by chance I was connected with the guy that has been handling my case. I asked him why I wasn't called back and his response was: "Nobody ever told me to call you back and also I'm not allowed to make outgoing calls at this time." (his colleague just lied to me, wasted an hour and a half of my time and didn't do anything to help a costumer at all). Back to the phone call, I was told the third line was confused about the problem and while on the phone the tech support clarified the problem once again. This is not sent to the third line and again I'm stuck waiting for a reaction.

To summarize my problem with your customer service if you can call it service at all:

-No reaction on Social Media for a month
-Promises are made but not fulfilled
-Repairs are planned but cancelled without any confirmation
-Wrong parts got send on ALL repairs, wasting a full day of the customer since someone needs to be home
-Call center staff blatantly lies to customers
-NBD warranty was paid for, however it still took them 2.5 months (and counting) to fix the problems (waste of money)
-Complaints can only be send by letter, it's 2018 and dell is a computer manufacturer, I would expect a more modern solution.
-No apologies are made, no courtesy is shown, all they can say is: "I know you have been waiting, I can't do anything to speed things up"

I feel so let down as a customer and once my current PC is outdated I will be so relieved knowing I'll never ever have to deal with Dell again.

For now it's back to waiting once more before tech support finally decides what they want to try out next.

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