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How do I contact higher management for the worst service I experienced?

I have made a purchase on 12/10/15 (delivery date showing 12/16/2015) and for some reason my credit card company declined. I had a quick call with Discover and got this issue resolved. Then made a call to Dell asking to run the transaction again as my purchase was time sensitive. But still on 12/11/15 the process is pending and my card was not yet charged. Tried contacting dell and was on call literally for 4 hours at a stretch going round and round and finally someone from Credit Card Support was on call. In this process I came to know that expected delivery date is 12/18/15. This lady from Credit Card Support and conversation as follows -

Lady: "Sir, It is showing that your order is still pending and Do you want me to retry charging your credit card? ".

Me: "No, I will not be available on that particular day (I will be on a business trip) and for the shipping date has moved 2 days later. Please cancel my order and don't charge me."

Lady: "Sir, your account has been charged and the transaction is successful. It is already done minutes back."

Me: "How can you charge me when I am not authorizing this transaction. No one will be available to pick up the order on the day when it is said to be delivered."

Without even listening to me she interrupted and was like -

Lady: "Sir, I will transfer you to customer support then can expedite the shipping."

I asked her to cancel my order since it is in "On-Hold" status and no charges have been made and no production steps have been started. All of a sudden my account was charged and the process changed to "In-Production". 

Then started the process again of going round and round. I was transferred among various agents for another couple of hours and finally someone named Alexander was on call. Explained him the complete scenario and asked him to fix this issue. After a couple of minutes he is back and was very rude.

I explained this guy the complete scenario of what happened and how I was charged when I am asking her not to. He was giving me lame answers saying that the order cannot be cancelled and I have to accept the TV and send it back. I stood patient and explained him that there will be none available to pick the TV or return it.  He started shouting saying that the tv will come back and after it is back the refund will be process etc etc. Why would I have to pay for something that does not meet my requirements and for some mistake that is done by their customer care?

I tried explaining him several time of why would I have to pay interest on my credit card for some mistake that is done by their customer support. He was rude and breaking me when talking and said "How many time I have to say the same answer again and again, no one can cancel this order. Do you want me to go back in time for 1 hr and stop the lady from doing this?" and when I asked him to escalate to senior management and he continued saying "No one can do anything and I can put you into another queue and you can be waiting forever in that line until Monday (made this call on Friday evening). " and pushed me into some queue where I was waiting forever and no one actually answered.

This is not what is expected from a customer support. I am really upset with this service. Waiting the queue and spent 9 hrs and is this the quality and kind of treatment that I receive from a customer support. I am never coming back to Dell but I definitely don't want to be the one to take all this nonsense and walk away calm. I have to report to higher authorities the kind of service customers are experiencing and have to get my issue fixed.