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How is a sale receipt NOT proof of ownership?!

I called tech support today to obtain a boot disk for an Inspiron 5420 purchased via Amazon more than 2 years ago, but was told that Dell's records show a different owner for the machine. I offered to send them a receipt for the transaction but they say that wouldn't help according to Dell's policy.

I explained that Dell's records are clearly outdated and to consider my call an offer of corrected information, but both the tech and supervisor were totally unreasonable. Frustrated, I contacted Amazon who provided the name of (we think) the original owner, but I can't even tell if such company is still in business.

This is a terrible policy. I understand the desire to minimize resale of stolen items, but there should be an expiration date on the need to obtain an original seller's permission for a user to reinstall  Windows on a 2+ year old machine. Refusing a loyal customer's request to send a detailed receipt from established online retailer? What is that?

The reason I'm wiping the old Dell is because I recently purchased a newer Dell. That will be my LAST purchase of Dell's products if a reasonable exception can't be made for this awful policy.

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RE: How is a sale receipt NOT proof of ownership?!

Hi jpglynn,

Thanks for posting. 

I apologize for the confusion, however, a purchase from Amazon, is not a direct purchase from Dell.  Amazon is a Dell Reseller, and as such would be the original purchaser so, the computer would have been registered in that name.  Much like a purchase a car from a dealership, one would have to transfer the ownership from the dealership to the purchasers name to prove ownership.  Dell provides customers with a way to register their purchases in their name.  Here is the form.

Even if the owership had been transferred to you two years ago, unless you are still under warranty Dell will not send the boot disk, as is described here

Please post back if you need additional assistance.


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