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Huge delay, package missing, no answer from customer service.

I am extremely upset with the services. 

I ordered a laptop on 18/12/17 with an estimated delivery on 20/12/2017. I got a confirmation and invoice on the same day, so I went ahead and checked my tracking system, it says it left the Hub at 22:10 on 18/12.

Since then, I have contacted dell several times with no response or with a promise that I will get an update soon, which didn't happen. It's a week right now and I still don't know where is my laptop.

My question is still the same where is my order?

And I'm sure to write a nice letter of complain if my laptop won't be delivered in a couple next days.

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RE: Huge delay, package missing, no answer from customer service.

Its possible when you received the message of your laptop leaving the 'hub' it was leaving the manufacturer.  If its anything like what they do here, it leaves the manufacturer and then heads to the Dell Warehouse. From there it is shipped to the customer.  

Regardless there are several problems.  First off this is the US Customer Board and generally the Dell Associates who do answer questions don't have access to UK Customer information.  Second is the holidays.  If your laptop is in transit you may get it as early as today if whatever package company Dell uses in the UK delivers on Saturdays, however if not or if its not scheduled for today, I would expect it after Monday. 

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