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I Can't Seem To Get Any Help from Dell Support.. Can Anyone Here Tell Me What To Do?

where do I begin?  First, let me apolgize for the length, I know this will be, but it is important that someone here understand my problem, and perhaps offer help, so I will tell it all. I have several computers, printers, all DELL products.   I am an older person and still learning how to navigate the world of computers, and last year when I had some problems with my laptop (Inspiron 1545, 32 bit, running Windows Vista) and my first PC (an old Dimension 4700 desk top, running Windows XP).  That first year of ownershi is great, but I found that I needed more than when trying to navigate the world of Internet traffic, technical issues, and more importantly, viruses, bugs and worms.  Tech support is very expensive when you live on a budget such as I do, and each purchase needs to be weighed carefully in order to make ends meet at the bottom of a month.  Every time I called Dell, I was told about their extended support warranty and how good it was.  Each tech I spoke with, had his or her own take n the products and some made it sound absolutely unbeatable..  One tech said, "Once you upgrade your service warranty, you can even fix your friends computers with our help."  Now that one was a bit hard to swallow, but never-the-less, it was an option that was sounding more and more appealing.  When I got a worm in my laptop, I really did some digging into prices, and one Dell technician, explained to me that it was just a simple to reset my laptop back to factory to get rid of any bugs I had, since we suspected more than one..  And he said a ne time fee of $59.00 could accomplish that fix.  It sounded good, but I wanted to think about it, and after  few days I called Dell, ready to go with that plan.   I paid my $59 by credit card, and when the tech began to assist me, our conversation turned to my Dimension 4700.  When I told him about the strange message I got earlier that day on it, he advised me that was a virus... "Dr. Watson"?  Well I freaked..  Now I  had two Dell PCs in trouble.. And I explained to him that I couldn't afford $59 bucks each time a separate issue cropped up.  He told me the best thing I could do i that case, was upgrade that $59.00 I just paid, to one that cost $239.00, and that would protect all my PCs, and after he fixed the laptop, we could set another appointment to do the Desk Top.  Plus, he said this would cover me for entire year.   That sounded pretty good, so I said let's go with that then.  He could not take my payment for some reason and had me hold while a manager came on the phone..  I was expecting to pay this $239.00, but the manager explained that I had just paid the one time fee of $59.00 for service, which had not been used, so all I needed to add on, was anoter $180.00, and I wold be all set for the year.  I put that on another card, and completed my transaction.  The tech came back on and we set the laptop back to factory.   However, a few days went by and the laptop was not performing correctly, so I called Dell..  Same case..  Another tech said sometimes things do not always go the way they should and he recommended we set the laptop back to factory again.  We did.. And that resolved several issues, not all, which I still have trouble with now, 8 months after we first worked on it.. But, I was anxious to get my desk top virus addressed, so I called Dell again..  From that time on, it has been nothing but arguement after argument and nothing gets better.  First, I was told that this extended service warranty wich cost me $259, only applied to the laptop which I first used it on.  No other devices.. However, I could ask any question about any problem.    The next time I called, I was told that I could only have my laptop fixed from 'three major incidents'..  One guys said three, another said four, always different scenarios.. but with the same result.. I wouldn't get much service.  When I asked what a 'major incident' was, I was told it was any service lasting more than 15 minutes..  Now, I have never been on any call to Dell that only lasted 15 minutes.   It was strange to me that I had never been told all these exceptions and rules to that $239.00 package I bought..   I was angry and I had some pretty bad feelings about the company I had always turned to for answer and products.  They even call me a "preferred customer.". (maybe I'm preferred because I am stupid?)   Next time I called, I am told I do not have any account wit Dell.. No record of any upgrade on service warrnty.. Only my purchase account and the preferred customer, but no record of any purchase, service anything?  This was standard each time I called.. and when I finally got to a manger, he found my upgrade, and he also said I needed to write down a purchase order number that I would need from then on, in order to get help.  It really did not good thougj, becuae after that, I was told I either had hardware and I did  not upgrade that part, or that my particular purchase order # coiuld not be found antwhere...  I made so many calls to Dell, many times I would hang up i tears from frustration.  But, I fought tooth and nail about this, as I felt I had just been taken to the cleaners, and I was more angry at myself then Dell, most of the time, for splurging on this service without asking more in depth questions; although I doubt I would even have known to ask many of the Q's that was now confronting me..   But, $239 is a little steep for one laptop, and two resets to factory, in my opinion, especially when the first reset had to be re-done. .  I could have had my laptop fixed (reset) for the original price of $59.00, and been on my way, but since I was told Dell could also fix my desktop, for the additional upgrade, why would I doubt that?  I mean, this is DELL.. Right?   That's how I thought..   And of course you can never find the guy who helped you that day and knows what was said and can verify it all.. And n one else knows him either.. So, after many calls, issues, problems, anger and crying, I just quit calling them..  Wrote it off.    Then, months later, I got a call from Dell.. The tech who called that day told me they were upgrading me to a service called Consierge!   But I would have to download a link.  I was in the dark again, and thoight he was trying to seel me yet another upgrade..  But he said "No, this  is free.  You just have to download the link, then you are entitled to free cutomer support for any laptop, and any question or help you may need."   I know people do not give things away free.. I was so leary, but then I thought, "maybe they found where I had been wronged and was trying make up for it?"    Yes, once agin I was a "Preferred Customer (stupid).   "The tech sent me a link and I clicked it..  I then installed Consierge on my laptop..  And what a heaad ache thereafter,. As soon as I hung up from the tech, I got a pop up, from Norton360.  I had downloaded a Adware called gatorfacr.exe, on the the Dell Consierge software.  This couldn't be..  I called Dell.  A tech came in, removed and reinstalled the Consierge and told me anyone could get a virus from any software from any company, as while it is out there in cyberspace waiting to download, it can pick up any virus or adware, etc.  I do  not believe this, but okay.. He fixed it and left and within 10 minurtes, I got the popup again.  Eventhough that tech had listed Del Consierge as a rusted program for Norton..  I am not going to pretend that I know what all this means, I just know that once again, back to no help!   I did try to use Consierge service by calling them with the # listed, but no one would help me. I was not listed as a consierge customer..  On and on.  Several techs down the road, I was told that this is a lknown problem with "NORTON"..  Not Dell.." Norton" thinks consierge is Adware and misidentifies it because NORTON is a very powerful antivirus, made more for industrial use than home use, and I needed to switch to McAfee..  (I don't think so!)  Anyway, one tech waa nice enough to come in and uninstall that thing from my laptop and told me Dell was working on it with Norton and they would notify me when it was fixed.  In the mean while, I had no support, although I paid for it..  And I began to feel bad when ever I called Dell to see if they would help me.  Like I had done something wrong or they thought I was trying to get away with something.  Worse yet, I can't find any number to call or address to write, to explain it to management, and tell my story so they can right this thing.  Everyone has a management, don't they?  I still have an infected desktop and my laptop is still not running correctly, but Dell says I am out of warranty and they cannot help me.  They want me to buy another extended plan for $239.00..  One female tech, did acknoledge that I do have Concierge service, but not the same kind as their other concierge customers have,.  She said I have a 'different' consierge..  I didn't know what she meant, but I asked her, "how much would a customer normally have to pay, in order to get the kind of consierge that other customers get when they have full service?   Her answer was,"$239.00 a year!"     Now why would my money be any different from anyone elses in purchasing consierge support??   I bought this upgrade in November, 2012, and should still have a few months left on it, if it covers the year as I was originally told.. But, I have not been able to really use it except for the factory reset, two of them, same PC, and still it is not functioning properly.  My desktop is still infected as far as I know, according to the Dell tech who has never diagnosed it by any means other than my description of the the pop-up I saw.. But it is shut down now, as I sure don't want to lose it.   My Dell All-In-One printer'fax, just a year old and about 2 months out of warranty, is not sending faxes right, and no one seems to know about the Dell printers, except the Dell techs, and I can't get even a simple question answered by Dell, to help me trouble shoot the problem, since that is HARDWARE, which is also not covered by my extended  service contract... or is it even listed in the user's manual, so I can try to figure it out myself.. without paying another $239.    And when I had to contact Belkin for a new router, & network connection problem, they offered me a year's subscription of Premium Support, any device, any time, any brand (except Dell printers), & unlimited 24/7 support, for 1/2 the price that Dell charged me for barely any support at all, so I bought it, and am now probably one of their 'preferred customers' too, but they can't seem to get my Belkin router working properly after 2 months, and it's their own product.. So, I am afraid to use them for my PCs now!   Does anyone have a number or address for customer resolutions, with Dell?    Or, can anyone explain to me why I have had this problem with Dell, after all these years of trusting them for my products, supplies and support?   I would seriously like to understand why I am being treated like a red headed step child, after being a loyal customer since 2005?    I am not here to spout off and exact the last word..  I truly want to know what has happened and how we can fix it.   I am also needing a new laptop I think, as the I-1545, keeps malfunctioning, and Dell has a nice one on sale this week.. But everything within me is screaming, "How Long do you plan on being a 'preferred customer', you big dummy?"    Again, sorry for the length of this diatribe, but it has been a long year, lots to say!    And, before you yell at me for posting in the wrong place, or posting excessive words, or being continuous, ornery, flaming Dell, or whatever I'm going to get hit with by those of you who might feel protective of Dell, pls try to picture me in here for the last few months, creeping around the support boards, studying them, practicing posting, trying to figure out where to post this, how to post this, and if I should even post this at all in this particular venue... and try to remember...You Too, will one day be old and perhaps borderline senile yourselves, and you just might need the consideration and kindness returned to you..  Especially if you are a preferred customer, like me!   So go easy, and help!!!    emoticon.Confused.title     

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Re: I Can't Seem To Get Any Help from Dell Support.. Can Anyone Here Tell Me What To Do?

Hi savn4amac,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please provide the system service tag through a private message. I will check the system details and try to assist you further.

To send me a private message, click on my Forum username and then click Start conversation.

Thanks and Regards
Harish M

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RE: I Can't Seem To Get Any Help from Dell Support.. Can Anyone Here Tell Me What To Do?

Send a concise question, please!

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