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I am very disappointed and frustrated trying to reach the correct people at Dell

I have a monitor that is under warranty and I put in a replacement request for the monitor that is under warranty. The replacement was dispatched and sent via Fed-Ex, but the technical support agent did not put my address in correctly. I contacted Fed-Ex to update the address, but they said that the address needs to be updated via email from the shipper (Dell). I have not been able to get anyone to contact Dell to update this information so that I can receive the replacement monitor. On top of this, every Dell representative that I have spoken to regarding this issue has either transferred me to a random department or hung up on me. I have been dealing with this issue for weeks now at this point. I am not sure what exactly happened, but now my product is not displaying any warranty information and I am not able to reach technical support. Can someone help me get in contact with someone at Dell that actually has authority and can help me receive the replacement monitor that has already shipped and is at my local Fed-Ex? Please help!!! Any help is greatly appreciated.