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I suspected refurbished parts with the first hard drive failure

Now, with the second hard drive failure in under a year,   I think that all the material they buy in China is low grade, low quality control.  Cheap <profanity deleted>.  I'm thoroughly disgusted with Dell.  Now, it seems that every aspect of the company is fraught with problems. I give up. When my warranty ends at the end of this month I'm never dealing with Dell again. I've written during this past year of my dogged Dell dilemma and horrible experience in the forums.  The buck just gets passed and they try to replace broken parts with previously broken parts.

I had moved to Dell products after being a life long HP buyer. HP uses the compaq hardware, which is fine as long as there is transparency. HP support is why I decided on Dell.

Because of all the hardware and software failures from my Lemon Dell 620 this past year I've learned enough to build my own computer. From casing and motherboard on up, that's just what I'll do.

All I wanted at the end here was an ssd replacement of equivelantvalue. The pass the buck beauracracy of such a simple request made my Dell experience go from dissappointed to absolutely unforgivable. I'm talking about the company, not the people. I suspect the employees... well I won't go there. I just want to leave this Dell induced un-pleasant  year with my computer, and my losses, entirely behind me.  

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Re: I suspected refurbished parts with the first hard drive failure


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