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IDENTITY STOLEN ... and I haven't even received my new computer yet.

I recently bought a laptop online.  Within four days, I started getting phone calls from people claiming to be from Dell, with extremely hard to understand accents.  In a series of phone calls over three days, they claim that my order was cancelled due to credit card problems and they need my card number.  Another call asked for personal information, to update their system.   I called Dell several times (on hold for 30+ minutes each time) and was told the order is running smoothly and they never called, asking for this info.  Today, I tried to call customer service to report this problem and neither the rep, nor their supervisor understood what I was trying to explain... that my information has been hacked from Dell.  Thank goodness for third party banking, or these crooks would have my credit card number too.  Dell has made it IMPOSSIBLE  to speak to anyone about any real issues.  After 15 years of loyal Dell ownership, the company has become too screwed up for us to tolerate.  Please cancel my laptop order.  I'm shopping for a better company.

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RE: IDENTITY STOLEN ... and I haven't even received my new computer yet.

Hi Cami, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. Please be assured we take the security of your information seriously and the personal information given to us by our customers is protected.  We may share your Personal Information with subsidiaries or Business Partners to carry out transactions you request, or to make our business or that of our subsidiaries more responsive to your needs.  Personal Information collected may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Dell or its subsidiaries or Business Partners maintain facilities. 

Please submit the Report Phone Scams form located on our Customer Care Board Wiki under the Scammers posing as Dell Technical Support article. Our Privacy and Security investigation teams will contact you if additional information is needed.  

Once an order has reached the In Process (IP) state of completion, there is no opportunity to cancel the order. We can set up a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) once the order has shipped. You will receive a return shipping label that can be applied to the package when you receive the order, and the carrier will take the package for re-delivery back to Dell. 

Before returning a product, you MUST first contact Dell customer service and obtain a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number before the end of the applicable return period. Dell will not accept returns without a CRA number. To find the appropriate phone number or to send an email to customer service to request a CRA number, go to or see the "Contacting Dell" or "Getting Help" section of your customer documentation. If an order ships and is declined while with the carrier, you may not be credited for the return. 

I trust this information is helpful. I sincerely apologize for any frustration or disappointment you may have been caused. If you have any additional questions or concerns please reply to my email and provide the requested information.


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