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Inaccurate warranty information provided, bad customer service, cancelled order

My daughter's 1 yr old laptop quit working and was told via an automated voice message that the warranty on her laptop had expired. So, she called and talked with a live body and the gentleman told her she could still purchase a warranty and her machine would be repaired. She is a college student and asked if I could purchase the warranty for her using my credit card (we do not live in the same state). I said yes, gave her my card #, she called to place the order for the extended warranty using my credit card and Dell sent her a box and shipping label to send the laptop to them for repair. All taken care of, right? Wrong.

She gets an email (remember they have her laptop) but she finally reads it 5 days later on a public computer she has to use while her laptop is being repaired. The email indicates her warranty order has been cancelled. No phone call, just an email. She forwarded the email to me and I called and was told the laptop was being sent back to her unrepaired because of fraudulent or invalid credit card information. So, I (the cardholder) call Dell's order number to place another order for a 2 yr warranty and explain that  YES it is okay and I authorize this purchase on my card even though the billing address and ship to address are different. So, we make a second order for the 2 year warranty. As the customer order person and I are closing our conversation she says "this warranty will go into effect on July 20 2012 when the current warranty expires and end on July 20, 2014. Excuse me? My daughter was told she had no warranty. So, I've purchased a warranty she really did not need. This gets better......

That afternoon, the same woman who took the second order for the extended warranty called and spoke with my husband (I was not home) and said the order did not go through because of invalid or fraudulent information on the credit card. So, I call my credit card company and they tell me they see TWO IDENTICAL charges from Dell on my account authorized to be billed to me. NOW I'M LIVID...I'm being charged twice and both orders have been cancelled. The same woman calls again the following day and as I'm complaining to her, she tells me this is not her fault but their systems....your people represent YOUR COMPANY....who else do you express your dissatisfaction with?

I was told to call Customer Care, they can't access all the information regarding this transaction so they can't help or answer my questions as to why this order continually gets this a computer company? I must wait till Monday to talk with Order Verification. Well it is now Monday and I just finished with them and both orders were cancelled because of different ship to and bill to addresses even though my daughter discussed this with a Dell rep on the first order and I discussed it with a Dell rep on the second order. I spent at least 2 hours in numerous phone calls to different departments trying to rectify something that I thought was pretty simple.

I guess my next move is to call my card company, again, make sure the transaction went through just ONE time, check with my daughter to see if her laptop that was being sent back to her is INDEED repaired on the warranty SHE STILL HAD, and that the 2 year extended warranty is indeed valid on July 20, 2012.

I've bought 2 desktops and 2 laptops over the years from Dell.......I think the next time I'll try something else. This was totally ridiculous.



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Re: Inaccurate warranty information provided, bad customer service, cancelled order


Thank you for writing and bringing your concerns to our attention. Customer feedback remains our most important tool for evaluating the quality of our products and services. We sincerely apologize for any frustration you may have been caused.

Please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue. On the next page, click the envelope icon and provide your order # and contact information so I may access your account records. I am happy to look into this matter.

Thank you,


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