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Inspiron 15-7572, No replacement

<soliciting removed> The Inspiron series is coming (in my opinion) with plenty of manufacturing defects. I myself have received a faulty laptop. <soliciting removed>  In my opinion, Dell support is very poor. Even the highest members of support escalation team will not help you. It seems that once the purchasing amount reaches the company's account, they do not give a <profanity removed>  about the customer. Despite being a clear diagnosed manufacturing defect in the Dell Inspiron 15-7572 which I had ordered from the official website of Dell India, the support team is neither providing me a full refund of the laptop amount (Rs. 71,236.59) nor a replacement for the complete laptop. The support team cut my call plenty of times after I asked for replacement. Once, they even had a false fire alarm in their building right after the fault was diagnosed. I had been in conversation with the rude Dell support department located at Gurgaon, India. Mr. Devendra C, Senior Support Resolver, Support Manager Ms. K and Technical Support Member Mr. H. They are not providing me a refund or system replacement on the basis of warranty terms and conditions. On the call, even they agree that there is a manufacturing defect but still Escalation Team member Mr D is putting this issue under warranty policy. VINOD S Service Director Escalation had the same reply ready for me. I believe this is incident is a betrayal of the trust that the public puts in Dell laptops. Rightfully, the whole laptop shall either be replaced or the refund shall be provided. Also, this is a betrayal of trust in the online purchase system of Dell India. I also have the right to information of system check report of my laptop before its delivery. In case no check was performed or no report can be found, I believe the manufacturing site shall be held accountable.

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