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Inspiron 5406 2-in-1, damaged, Dell slow rolling, no return option

Bought a new Inspiron 5406 2-in-1 with hardware damage. On top of that found out too late that computer manual I read to decide which computer to buy instore with sales rep, misrepresented its upgrade potential. Same typo in service as user manual.
Not only is this not the computer I had hoped to purchase, it also came new with Intel Chip malfunctioning as verified by Intel. I wanted to return after several issues and consultations with Dell Tech, BestBuy Geek Squad. Intel and Microsoft Tech supports trying to figure out issues right after receiving computer.
Dell called me to send in computer for a look. I agreed thinking I had time to return. But they sent empty box by air BUT sent return computer by ground. It took 9 extra days putting me outside of return.
During this time waiting I logged on to Dell to see its progress and track my computer. Under service requests there was none which made sense since I was returning it for them to verify Intel issue as requested. However pressing my computers service tag number I found 2 service requests both during my 2 week ownership time.
The tracking number didn't work on the active case. I had to call dell 2x before given a correct tracking number a week after I sent it. It said then it was in transit for estimate 5 more days. But 3 days later it made it.
And 3 days after it was sent back...with a broken screen! Why? Because Dell packed return with battery charger left on top of computer in narrow shipping box or battery so loosely secured it managed to get on top of laptop lid so as to be crushed into screen during return shipment. Either way, I took great care getting it to you.
On top of that the. Report inside said they fixed a dc jack. That charging was repaired? I never had a charging issue. 2 hour full charge battery life yes. Blue screen yes. And much more significant issues and errors that I discussed and dell remotely viewed some of them yes! They are all intel chip and also possibly interaction with motherboard related.
Upon opening box its apparent how screen broke. Computer still turning on to desktop as well without power button pushed. Naturally I'm very very upset
I call again to dell. They want video footage I now do as a matter of course receiving and opening packages. They send me email to" fwd email with attachment."
Then i get a dell email saying this email address is for active cases only. Contact 
It took 3x more and waiting online with 3erd tech rep to verify they had the video. Said I would get a call from a supervisor over my want to return this as I though I was to either get a new computer BUT the DELL one I would have gotten if not for misleading service manual or a refund. I got an email reply instead. So sorry for your experiences yada yada... Please attach photos of damage to computer?
Id bought from Best Buy initially but was pushed out of 30 day return by a few days cause of slow roll by Dell dealing with this issue. 
But I went anyways out of sheer desperation to see if there was anything they could do. They were prepared to extend the return date..yes!!! BUT turns out due to shipping damage, they cant. Thanks Dell. 
But if Dell sent a Return Authorization they then would happily give me full money back to buy a new computer. 
So I wrote this all down plus BestBuy contact for the RA and attached video file again now 4th time to Dell... 
Guess what I got in return...

Re: Case <Service request number removed>  [ ref:_00D0bGaMp._5002R1HHbEa:ref ]
On Apr 20, 2021 at 3:59 PM, Dell Technical Support <> wrote:
Thank you for contacting Dell Technologies Services. This email address is only monitored for active open cases. Please visit us at if you require technical assistance.
Thank you for choosing Dell Technologies

Im a disabled person. Not mentioning for pity but to stress my medical appointments. CRA and several other daily living tasks are time sensitive and need a working computer. My taxes must be filed in 10 days. I cant afford the financial hit missing it. So please just send the RA to BestBuy today!
Dell Service tag <Service tag removed>
BEST BUY has offered a simpler solution than you have.
They say Dell should issue to them a RETURN AUTHORIZATION (RA) for laptop, emailed to <Email id removed>
This can be handled by your Claims and Warranty department.
I would also like to be CC on that RA as well incase some other issue arises and BestBuy doesnt receive it.

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Thank you for posting your concern here. 


We apologize for the experience you've had. No one should go through this. I can see that you had sent the video to the tech support team. We do not have an option to send an RMA to the retailer or send an external email. We will write to the technical support team assisting you and have them look into this. 


For privacy and security reasons, please delete all email address, phone numbers and the service tag from the initial thread. 



Aniketh S

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Thank you for the response.

I dont have the EDIT button in menu anymore to remove info.

However info and email i left are of no use to anyone without specific file # and my identity etc plus proof of purchase which I did not share and the Dell Tech has as well as bestbuy including sale type and location.

But I appreciate your offer to move this along. I hope it works. Seems simplest solution though compensates me nothing but an ulcer for last month and half.


We will have someone edit those details out. While it may not be easy, if the tag is registered to your name it still has your data associated with it. We would request you to continue further conversation over a private message.



Aniketh S

Thanks and Regards,
DELL-Aniketh S
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Nearly 2 months from purchase, 1 month after return of broken computer i recieved a call. He offered me a similar computer that i had purchased. Wouldnt commit to new unopen box replacement. Refused RA for bestbuy so i could get refund cause retail purchase not from Dell itself.

He sent a link to USA site of 14 inch inspirion 2n1. Without active pen screen support or the pen as mine was. Also no acknowledgement that the Dell 5406 i bought was misrepresented in type in specs and manuals for battery and ram upgrade that swayed my decision from Dell 7000 inspirion 2n1 that was a little more. It led me to believe i could easily upgrade 5r06 to 32G ram and bigger internal 4 cell 53 or it may be 51 wh battery. I only discovered this when computer onroute to dell for apparent exchange for new one way back then as i decided to get Dell to upgrade the new replacement before sending to me. I called and registered complaint and provided proof oon the dell site.

Obviously nothing happened. They sent back old computer with a dc jack repair when issue was intel chip malfunction and motherboard involvement. Intel confirmed. Plus they packed bad and broke it so even though bestbuy way past normal return offered to extend that return window... Nice... But now broken they could not. Hence the Return Authorisation request to Dell. No joy there either.

So now im offered a similar but less than, computer that I bought ...the one I chose to buy under false claims of upgradeability by Dell at time of purchase with sales people.

So... I sent him link to a dell 15 2n1 inspirion thats exactly the one that I was choosing between that day 2 months and a few days back. It is active pen compatible. But does not come with a pen. It has more 4 more ram a bigger battery and optane memory. Its still an i5 11rh generation. It is also about 140 more.i requested new in unopened box.  But considering all that ive gone through, its as fair as this can be. Ive never even gotten real use of the other computer from purchase onwards cause it was irreparably damaged from the get go.

Im going to get fines for late CRA missed appt with doc etc etc etc... Being lied to to send in computer in first place rather than let me return to bestbuy... And mislead to buy wrong computer in first place. Dont get me started on the customer service... Took a month of not accepting ...sorry but we cant blah blah blah... just to get a less than equal replacement offer!! Geez id have a replacement new working computer over 6 weeks ago had they just let me return it to bestbuy as ai wanted to.

So lets just see how fair and sincere Dell is to its retail customers. I doubt for much hope than what ive already experienced.

Im not sure why you private message me when ypu always state ypu have no authority to intervene or really do much of anything. Whats the point of this customer servoce dell blog if you cant actually help?

No shade. It tracks with the rest of my customer experience is all and thought Id ask... What can you do?


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