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International Service Tag Transfer Issue

I have purchased a refurbished Alienware 17 R4 gaming laptop from Belgium. And now i have an issue with my spacebar in keyboard. So i need a technical service. But in service menu, it says that the computer has warranty in Belgium. Due to that, i applied for internationa service tag transfer. But it is rejected for several times. I take error mail after 10 days and it says "The previous owner information does not match our records. Please submit an updated request with the correct previous owner information." But i am the first user of this machine, and even i put my details as the previous owner or even leave it blank, it gives error. So how can i transfer my service tag?

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RE: International Service Tag Transfer Issue

You need to get the information about the registered owner from the seller.  If that person or business cannot provide the information, return the system for a refund.

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RE: International Service Tag Transfer Issue

Thank you for your message.

Is this system purchased through a retailer or an individual?

Do you have a purchase invoice copy if purchased through a retailer?

Please click on my Dell username & send a privet message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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