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Is my order still 'CONFIRMING'?



I order LATITUDE7390 from Dell Outlet a week ago and I used PAYPAL for payment.

Also, I got DPID through my email as soon as submitting my order. 

But still, I got no meessage or email about my ORDER NUMBER, my PAYPAL is still PENDING.


I thought it was a payment error. So I tried again just the same way with same product that I want. In the end, I got two DPID, two PENDING in my PAYPAL account and 'ZERO' ORDER NUMBER.


My question is, Is my order still 'confirming'? If that so, how much time do I have to wait for confirming my order(month? weeks?)?

I tried the CUSTOMER SUPPORT PHONE. But it didn't solve my question. Hope DELL see this and answer to me... 🙂

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