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Issues with Return - No response from Dell

Alright here it goes, this is another attempt to reach Dell. I have wasted 3+ hours on hold this week trying to get a hold of someone at Dell to initiate a return on my XPS 13. I also sent in a request on their website to initiate a return and I was told I would be contacted within one day. Its day 7.

I ordered it Nov 18, 2015 so I'm still within the 30 days and the box is unopened. I wish to return it because the same laptop became available a few days after it arrived in the mail for Cyber Monday. Same computer, same price, but 256 GB SSD instead of 128 GB SSD. So I ordered the better one and I would like to return the first one.

My concerns:

- Dell's website is very misleading. First of all, it states no hassle returns and full refunds. Yet when I went to initiate a return I was shocked to see that Dell thinks they can get away with charging up to 15% for a restocking fee?! That's $150 on the laptop. I expect the full refund as I didn't open the laptop, it's within 30 days, and I'm still supporting Dell by getting the second laptop.

- Why do they expect me to pay to return ship it and insure it? I imagine that will cost $50+. I don't think its unreasonable in this day and age to expect free return shipping when you are spending $1000 on a product.

- Dell is unreachable and I can't initiate a return without this required return number

This is my first Dell in 12 + years. I had an apple laptop for 7 years with amazing customer service. This is a disheartening experience so far.

DELL-Lorna or DELL- Robert, are you able to help me and get this sorted out? Thank you

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RE: Issues with Return - No response from Dell

Good luck to you.  I wish I could help but I can't and I do feel your pain.