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Lengthy repair delay

I remain totally flummoxed by Dell's repair service, or the lack of it. I had a 2015 Dell XPS 9343. It had been dropped and a corner was separating around a hinge. The work was out of warranty and I paid for it and Dell received it about Jan. 6. They also sold me a year's extra ADH warranty which started about Jan. 1.

A month later - a MONTH on what should have been a one or two day repair - I get cryptic replies to my calls about parts not in stock, if I can reach anyone at all. This was one of Dell's top selling laptops. And Dell fails to keep repair parts in stock?. And I further burned the first month of my new "warranty" with the laptop sitting on a Dell repair bench somewhere. I will seek an adjustment on that for sure.

Every time I call, someone expresses "regret" or "sorrow" that I am having this lengthy repair issue. Now, I am told not only are there no parts to fix it, they cannot even - after a month - give me an ETA on when parts might arrive. Hello supply chain management.

Not at all what I expected from Dell.  

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RE: Lengthy repair delay


We regret to hear that you are not getting timely updates on the service call that has been setup for you.

Please send me a private message with the service tag of the computer or the service request number, registered owner's name, email address and phone number so that I would have more details on your computer and would be able to assist you better with this.

Also let me know what is the latest update that you have received on your computer from our technical support.

Please share these details so that we can have the case reviewed and assist you better.

Thanks & Regards,
Aniketh Sreenivasan
Social Media and Community Professional
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