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Lost in the Call Centre Calls


I Placed an order of XPS15 due to arrive on 11 May. 3 Days prior to delivery the date changed it self to 13 May. and on 13 May it changed to 17 May. and on 15 May it changed to 25th May.

It was a refurbished item, good specs, ordered from Dell Outlet. What I cant understand is that what on earth is causing them so much delay and the worst worst part is their Customer Service.

Every time I called, they assured me in writing the delivery date, assured me that someone will contact me about the order updates after chasing the factory guys, I asked to talk to the supervisor / manager and the reply was no one is available and no one returned a call during last 8 weeks. The customer service made sure to not let me go through and talk to a manager. 

All I want is to talk to someone responsible and get this PUZZLE resolved. No disrespect but really the first line customer support is a complete complete waste of time and very very unprofessional.

Would you please help in putting me through to a responsible authority in UK. Who can follow it up and get the order delivered. Any complaints team and escalation team, any one who cares about customers

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