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Massive Delays, Shipping Date pushed by a week every week


I ordered a Dell XPS 13 laptop on 5/7 with 2 day shipping, and when I ordered the estimated shipping date was 5/9. 5/9 arrived and magically the shipping was pushed out by a week (I would imagine you should know you cannot meet the two day shipping period before the actual day, if it wasn't actually shipped). I paid $25 for the shipping.

Now every week there is an incremental delay, the latest from 5/29 to 6/10.

My interaction with customer support has been EXTREMELY unsatisfying. I am unable to receive any real timeline for delivery, nor any real answers from customer support.

Unfortunately customer support is only able to paste in the SAME stock email address and not address any of my questions.

Can someone please investigate, as I would expect much more from a large company like Dell. I have been a long time customer and am greatly rethinking my decision.