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Missing Advantage Rewards - complete runaround by support

Back on 5/8/2017, I called in to the business rewards support line to report several orders for which I was missing rewards credit.  This issue is still unresolved.  Following is a summary of events:

  • I am missing rewards credit for approximately $22,500 in purchases I made from December 2016-March 2017
  • I *did* receive credit for some orders I made during that period, but credit was not issued for some of the larger purchases I made during this period
  • I compiled a list of all orders and purchase IDs for which I did not receive credit
  • I called in to the Advantage Rewards support line, but was told that if I had a big list I would have to send in an email request to us_05_care@dell.com
  • I sent an email detailing the situation to us_05_care@dell.com
  • The response I received was as follows:

Hello Jay,


I’m unable to assist you on request. I highly recommend you to contact the finance department for assistance.  



Nedelka Brown " Nelly "
Customer Care Analyst
Dell |Global Business Operations

  • I replied, asking how to contact the “finance department”
  • I was told to call 866-454-0985.
  • I have called that number twice.  Both times I have been on essentially infinite hold – automated attendant answers, says an agent will be with me shortly.  Today I decided to just wait on hold until someone answered.  Eventually the line just disconnected.
  • I sent ANOTHER email on 5/12 to every Dell support email I could think of; all I received in reply was "thank you" from Nedelka Brown on 5/15.  
  • On 5/16, Nedelka Brown emailed and said she said she was escalating with the mysterious "sales and finance" for "proper assistance"
  • 5/25 I emailed again, asking for an update
  • 5/25:  Nedelka Brown responded with "Request will beforward to the finance team" (sic) (again?)
  • 5/29:  One last email from Nedelka Brown - "thank you"
  • One last thing - Nedelka Brown's email signature states "How am I doing? Please contact my manager at Gricelda_Roter@dell.com for any feedback."  I've tried contacting this person - email always bounces.

I've ordered quite a bit more from Dell since I sent the initial email.  Additionally, I buy HDDs, memory, etc. from Dell for a bit higher price than I could get elsewhere *because* of the Advantage rewards.  It is starting to seem that is a total waste of $.

Anyway, I ran across this forum, am hoping there might be some possibility of resolution here. 

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RE: Missing Advantage Rewards - complete runaround by support


Thanks for reaching out. Please private message any reference number for your previous interactions with Dell and I'll be able to check for further options. 

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

Dell-Sahana R
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