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My Alienware 17 R2 Dead On Arrival.. I contacted Support Via Phone... They sent out Technician Fixed it but broke it too. FPS are low too..

I bought my Alienware 17 R2 with high expectations.. I feel robbed in almost every way.



First off my friend has same spec of laptop the same Alienware 17 R2 it works seemingly playing Guild Wars 2 Max settings over 60 fps..

No such thing on mine, I notice severe stuttering, then crashing out of games with blue screens of death, I contacted Dell support Via phone took me an hour or so to get through, I spoke to a nice lad called Danny, he was great in trying to resolve my issues, he took control of my computer from his end did a few tests it failed instantly, idle temperatures of 80c above..

He sent out for me a new heat sink and motherboard because of several issues I listed and proved to him, ones like the HDMI port not working also many error messages also the device manager showing errors all over the system..

Great so I waited as Danny contacted me letting know that a Technician would be in contact to repair my system.

Today the Technician calls me then comes round with the ordered parts to repair my system, all seemed well, he sits down with the laptop, he says oh so what laptop is this... I found this very reassuring as I said an Alienware 17 R2 to which he replied never done one of these..

He seemed good with computers so I didn't think much of it, until I notice the rate in he took it all apart, he seemed like he just wanted to leave, even at one point asking for the time..

I noticed when putting it back together there was one screw he tried to put in but it didn't fit like he had no idea what that bit was from..

because of been in a well lit living room with sun blaring through the window when he said oh test it on your TV, because of the issues I had before it worked to the TV, I was looking at my keyboard thinking I'm sure those lights use to be way brighter..

I said to him about it he didn't seem bothered like it wasn't anything wrong, I said hang on because he was all ready for going at this point, I would like to at least test it on a game to see if it even runs, he said oh well there isn't anything more I can do anyway I've installed the hardware.

I tested it on heaven benchmark it was only thing I had to hand, it was on some of the lowest settings, it looked terrible and ran stuttering slow..

He left at this point acting like he had done his job, he said good bye and left, I said to my sister this isn't right, I heard a knock on the door not a moment later after he got back from his car saying oh could you sign this to say I've been, not thinking I signed it, only to then after he set off notice all the lights on the lid of my laptop to be completely off, my sister pointed out there is a wire nicked between the monitor and hinge, I have photos of this..

I get this message when going on to the AlienFx Built in..

The device you have selected is included in the current theme but AlienFX cannot detect this device on your system.  Do you want to remove this device from the current theme?

It is showing an error to that it is not working at all..

I don't think at this rate I will ever buy a Alienware ever again.

I hope that this can be resolved swiftly, my mother is I'll with a mid life Crisis, Developing Dementia, I bought this for me to game and edit on in the mean time whilst being there for her.

One unsatisfied Customer.


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RE: My Alienware 17 R2 Dead On Arrival.. I contacted Support Via Phone... They sent out Technician Fixed it but broke it too. FPS are low too..

Hi CrypticScythe,

Thanks for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum Customer Care Board. While I regret your Alienware technical difficulties, the US Customer Care Board is for Non-Technical issues.

Please note, For In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis: for issues covered by Limited Hardware Warranty, technician and/or part will be dispatched, if necessary, usually in 1 or 2 business days following Remote Diagnosis. During Remote Diagnosis, you may be asked to participate in troubleshooting until a cause can be isolated. The onsite technicians can only replace the hardware.

I trust this information is helpful. If you still need assistance, please consider contacting Dell UK Tech Support.

Thank you,


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