My expirence with Dell Customer Service this monthl. Trust me I am frustrated. That is a joke not Customer Service

1.So first i send my refurbished laptop to plan it roi for keyboard exchange. After week from delivery i just wanted make sure that they are working on it. Answer was that they will go to shipping in two days. Cool.

After week i asked for tracking number to double check where is it. got answer that they are still working on it casue there was troublee to set SYSTEM. i dont buy it they are not pros if they work on system for week Smiley Very Happy joke.

after i got laptop after month and someting ( but shiping was west to east coast) i noticed that charger in replecment one and IT DOESNT WORK. so i am wating for charger Smiley Very Happy yeah pros.

2.So next customer expirence Smiley Happy i am buying laptop for brother from 4 july. I wanted to do price match on black friday but lady she couldnt find price which i found. she said she can do only refound 86 cause she can see this price so i helped her and did order so she can se price i see. and than it started. two credit limit blocked for those purchases and lady she is still claiming that she can do refound 86 dolars not 126. Smiley Very Happy

during this period i heard

2x -we dont have chat for credit card deparment and was disconected.

- call Your bank but we dont call banks to confirmed that order was cancel ( discover was ready for call to realise founds)

- dont worry i will take care of it ( and they didnt ) f.e. my order which was cancel by security ( they called me 4.am) had refund signed to it. and guys who did another another for this product didnt care about putting this request on new order they made, even i asked them to do it if they want to sort it out by placing new order.

to use some promo from bank You have to make purchase in certain time from clicking link. how hard is to understand that..... answer was call Your bank

my expireience form yesterday

so finally my money was realised form credit card i placed order ask for refund by customer service it was approved by supervisor and 6 hours later my order was canceled by security reasons.. i called

customer service. i wasnt very polite but they told me that they placed new order and that is moment when i was asked to call my bank to do expeption for promo i wanted to use. hmmm dell customer care You call You bank and talk to them but we will not .. we will not confirm them that order was cacelled. hmmm intresting

so today i am dublle checking if refund was sign to new order quys made yesterday and i was told that my order is on hold for security reasons.

guy from verfication he asked me my work EMAIL (email doesnt mean anything) i said do i can give u my facebook or regular email. he said i can do expeption and i will send it. two attempts and i didnt get anything on my email box.

I was asked what is my bank and can i call them Smiley Very Happy sic! i said no You can call them she said no that i have to call them and the best would be that i will transfer that call to him ...


i said no. discover knows case i even double check with them and random representative said that she can see notes and she understand what is going on so anyone will pull up account will know..

guy from verification she said that he will call discover and he will call me back.

never happend i had to call him. and he told me that he send me emial( never got it) i also asked me did i do my refund transfer for new order. i said no casue i am waiting for confirmation from You is it confirmed /confirmed.

before i was informed by consultant that my new order is on hold it was showing CONFIRMED

i ask just to verify did guy call discover and he didnt . so he didnt call discover and he didnt call me back and he didnt take care of refund transfer to new order cause he transfered me to refund department.

sorry guys You company is in coumputer/IT industry and You have lack as ***.

so now i am still waiting for charger for my old dell Smiley Very Happy

joke not customer care

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