My problem has not been dealt with after hours of calling Dell

I am beyond frustration with Dell at this point. I don't even remember everything that happened because so much has happened but I'll do as much as I can remember.

About a month ago I placed orders for Xbox Live Digital Gift Cards on Dell using my Dell rewards.

These orders were all cancelled, and I was told it was out of stock. It never was out of stock, apparently, as I found out later. I try again and wow, cancelled again. (This is mid February). Fast forward to March, last few days, and I am told to call the verification department because there is a fraud hold on my account (mind you, it took an hour of calls for them to tell me that). Next day, I call, I am told that the supervisor is not there and to call again the next day. So I call and they tell me that the fraud hold has been lifted. Well, guess what? My orders still get put on hold and cancelled.

Today, I called Dell again, and various departments sent me to each other. I went from Customer Care to Sales to Verification to Order Modification and so on. Nobody is able to do anything nor have I been given a straight, simple answer to my problem.

I just want my Xbox gift cards before the sale is over. How hard is it for Dell to stop ruining my orders? If I can get ONE straight answer to my problem, a department that ACTUALLY can deal with this, what to tell Dell, I'd appreciate it. 

This was my ONE opportunity to get to play video games by using the Xbox gift cards I would have gotten from Dell, and it's been ruined constantly. I'm nearly at the point of tears after all of my 1-hour Dell calling sessions. Please just deal with this, Dell.