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Nearly 2months since I returned my order -- Dell Receivables trying to collect from me on an item that was returned with RMA.

Frustrated by the wait on Online Chat and Telephone support, you are #74, I challenged the charge via Paypal and Credit card, after I returned the item which Dell shipped incorrect item, not my fault, nearly 2months ago.

Now dell is trying to collect on it. I get calls middle of the night... and they have no clue that the item was returned or why Paypal resolved my issue by giving me a refund. 

What is the fastest method to get Dell off my back... Is there a Dell consumer affairs email/phone ? or Dell Legal contact email/phone... 

I already spent over 20 hours on this, and don't have any more time for this non sense.  

Once again, I would'nt be in this situation if Dell got my order right, or the customer support was efficient. 

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