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Never ending troubles with Dell Laptop customer service


any help from anyone on how to proceed is welcome


I bought a Dell inspiron gaming laptop from Muscat (approved Dell 3rd party retailer) in July 2019 and i had trouble registering it as it initially was said out of warranty . i spoke to the Customer care and eventually activated the warranty but they reduced the warranty from 1 year to 9 months ( no idea why !!!) .. When i asked the dell customer care  about extending warranty , they advised me to visit the service centre . i visited the servise centre and they asked me to contact customer care .  I have the originally bill and proof of purchase . how  do i get my promised 1 year warranty restored in system ?

I shifted from Oman to Brunei and when i went to the service centre here as my laptop wouldn not start , they told me i had to raise a transfer form before the dell service centre can work on the laptop. I did that last week d. however after that , i have no update on its status . Every time i chat to customer care , everybody points me to different different links that just dont work .  How  can i check the staus if i have the request number ? Is there any number i can call on ?

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