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Never received the Dell egift card promised

I am posting this in the hope that somebody with some authority within Dell organization reads it and does something. I purchased a 70 inch Samsung T.V. from Dell on November 22nd., 2016 Part of the purchase was a free $250 Dell promotional egift card  that I was supposed to receive via email within 14 to 21 days. Like many others  have said, the egift card never arrived. I have contacted the Chat line and customer service email 4 times already. Each time, I get a response that yes it is confirmed that I am due the gift card and that it will be sent within 3-5 business days and lots of canned courtesy apologies for why it has been late, It still never arrives. My last service request number was 941381043 on December 29th, 2016. Again a promise of sending it within 3-5 business days but no such thing. I have since read about many other customers facing this. This is bordering on fraud on the part of Dell. I could have bought the T.V. cheaper elsewhere if it wasn't for this egift card. It is sad  f what has happened to Dell's customer service which was once legendary. I have bought computers and servers , both personally and through my company from Dell for more than 17 years. This was probably my last purchase from Dell

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Hi Fred1997,

Thanks for posting.

The SR Number you posted shows that an email has been sent with the information about your Dell Promotional Gift Card.  Please check your spam folders as the email comes from CashStar and may have an address your email service doesn't recognize.  If you need additional assistance please contact the Gift Card Department.

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I checked the spam folder, and nothing there.either. So I followed your link and clicked on "find your promotional egift card" Link and entered my email address and I get the response that there is no record of a promotional gift card for this email address (The same email address that I received all the purchase confirmations and still receive ads  and offers from Dell on on a daily basis). So another hour spent on the chat line and once again they promise within 48 hours. This has been the most frustrating customer service experience of my life.

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They are not sending these gift cards out.  I have been waiting for mine since 10/30 and CS just bumps me from one rep to another. The Dell rep on this board seems nice enough, but is obviously not able to help with these issues. Please quit recommending the same thing over and over.  We have already done these things and it is NOT getting anything accomplished!

Thank goodness I stumbled upon this before buying Dell. There is a 250$ gift card promise on a product. Was about to buy it, now saved from wasting my time.

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