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New G15 5511 Not Working Out of the Box

I have been getting blue screens of death from the begining with my brand new computer.  I have have been working with support hoping to resolve it without having to ship it off to be fixed, hoping it was an issue they saw before with this model or some driver. 

 After reinstalling the image and still getting the bsod they had me resinstall an image from Microsoft directly.  I still get the issue.  In fact it is worse.  I get the blue screen entering my pin or within a minute of logging into windows.  In fact the issue seems to be getting worse.

It's pretty obvious it is a hardware issue.  The simple fix is to let me exchange it.  A user shouldn't be dealing with these issues out of the box 

My last call with support I was told I need to use it for 24 to 48 hours to see if it resolved?  What?  I can't use it past logging in because I get the bsod.  And how is it magically going to fix itself?

The one support person who sent the instructions for installing the image from MS seemed helpful and had us on the right track.  She said if the issue after the install persisted they would have to have a local tech look at it.

So now I am trying to figure out who to call to get this resolved.  I like the computer for the few hours I have been able to use it the last month.  I like Dell, but no one should have to deal with brand new laptop issues like this.

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I would not bother with an exchange -- if you're within the exchange period, you can also request a refund.  Then re-order as you wish.

It will likely take less time to do so.


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