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Nightmare Pre-Sales expereince, Even Worse Post Sale

I recently purchased 2 Laptops through Dells MPPPre-Black Friday program, they were to be Christmas gifts for two of my godchildren. To begin with the website was a terrible - when I finally found the specials (under $200 limited quantities offering) I could not find a way to find the details nor a method to actually purchase them. Having tried it on my own for nearly an hour on the website and experiencing the chat with a live agent pop -up at an alarming and I have to say annoy rate, I decided to make use of that feature.

I spent from 11/28/2013 11:48:15PM to 11/29/2013 01:06:04AM in the agent chat/assistance forum (1 hour and 18 minutes). To say it was frustrating and confusing is an understatement. She finally found the offer and said she had to process it via the chat. Also when I asked about what the features where included with this offer, where I would find this information (like processor speed and DVD/RW etc – she stated :

11/29/2013 12:20:11AM                Agent (name deleted): "thanks, we can no longer configure this package to have faster processor,. yes this will have DVD/CD drive"

So I continued with the order.

When the order arrived neither had a DVD/CD drive. I tried to call the number on the box and the first two attempts I was disconnected after the transfer to agent process. (After having waited quite a long time 15 minutes or more.) The third time it took over one hour and 26 minutes and three transfers when the “Manager” disconnected my call.

DELL claimed that they would not support what their agent stated in writing in the chat log (which DELLsends out) and I could return the items – which is not acceptable as a WEEK later there are no deals on lap tops – If the woman in the chat had been adequately informed then she should have told me that it did NOT include a DVD drive and we could have looked for another special that did. Todays search should no specials at all on Laptops. Tablets and desktops but laptops no longer had any deals – all were sold out. (Which would not have been the case if the Dell employee had known her products – since it was actually Thanksgiving Thursday and none of the specials were sold out)

 The returns department basically said take it or leave it – too bad - I am sure is not the case having had a Dell employee misrepresent in writing the features of this laptop being purchased. Through no fault of my own I have basically been lied too as well as being put in a position where I either accept the misrepresented product or have no laptop at all as there are no deals under $400 now.

Then the returns agent said he was authorized to send me an external DVD drive. Which is not ideal as the whole purpose of having a laptop is to be mobile and carrying extra external devices around is not really mobile, again I asked him to escalate and send me internal drives – since the slot was there in the laptop. He went through a long and a wide one on how difficult it would be to support the installation and on and on (not that it would work – but that Dell did not want to provide it). He kept repeating that was all he was authorized to do (or have me retrun it). I repeatedly asked to be transfer/escalated to a higher authority. He repeatedly asked me if I accepted the offer of external drives. Finally aggravated and frustrated and well over an hour into this phone call – I said send me the drives –but dont act like you have actually give my any reasonable or fair options for Dells mistake. (BTW he was unfailingly polite – just not actually helpful).

Then he sent me the confirmation email – which contained only 1 external DVD drive and there was a charge for it. (He did say later that they charge would be reversed) and another conversation ensured about sending only one external DVD drive. The agent insisting that he could only send me one for both computers (Not sure how Dell thinks this rectifies the situation since each lap top is going to a different person). Finally he transfers me to his “Manager” – who states the same thing and when I ask to be escalated to the next level he refuses. At that point I stated I want to record the conversation from my side (since Dell is recording it from their side) and the manager states that I must get his permission to record him!!!!!!! So I asked if he was refusing this permission and also asked if he was stating there was no one to escalate to above him. (He says yes he is refusing to be recorded) and that he is “just returns” and he will transfer me to customer care for escalation – at which point he DISCONNECTED me – one hour and twenty six minutes later.

I have been a long time Dell advocate and user (10+ years) but I am more than disappointed in this experience. What kind of company is Dell really? Clearly your employees are not trained in the product lines nor do they have access to a knowledge base system where they can look this information up. You do not honor what their employees state in writing and "Manangers" are allowed to be rude and disconnect customers. (BTW contact information was requesetedand provided from me at the begining of each conversation with the agents (not from the "Manager") . A simple, honest and reasonable business fix would have been to say “sorry our employee made a mistake” and send me the internal drives, but instead Dell wasted hours of my time, I still do not have a solution and then the “Manager” rudely disconnected me – which was NOT an accident.

I was in the process of buying myself a laptop of a higher grade (and more expensive) from Dell but that is no longer the case.

I will no longer advocate DELL and I will do everything in my power to ensure as many people know about DELLs treatment and business practices as is within my powers. What a shame I wasted all these years thinking Dell was an honest company with good products and good customer service, clearly I was mistaken.

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