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Nightmare experience with Dell

I had a nightmare experience with Dell that really put a damper on Christmas.  I ordered a computer that the website guaranteed delivery of prior to Christmas.  Customer service representatives were the most insulting part.  First rep said they'd have it prior to Christmas.  This was not going to occur, so a second rep said it would arrive the day after Christmas.  Finally a third rep did nothing but e-mail me back when the computer shipped.  He promised next day delivery, and we would have the computer on New Year's Eve.  Guess what, after having my son stay home all day on New Year's Eve to sign for the delivery, it did not arrive.  Of course Dell never called me to complain they didn't get my money, they had that without issues, but they could not explain why they could not honor their statements four times within a ten day period.  

My biggest issue, I can understand mistakes, but they did not even offer me anything, not even a ten percent discount on the computer.  The time I wasted was worth more than that, not to mention the holidays that my son was promised the computer.  This was not a UPS or FedEx issue, this was a Dell issue, although one representative told me that it was the shipping company, although the computer had not even shipped, and didn't ship for a week.  

Perhaps this is par for the course, and Dell can afford to lose a few customers here and there, but it is hardly the mark of a company striving to stay in business and perform for their customers.  I figure, if the customer service representatives don't want to listen, I'll find plenty of prospective customers to hear about my issues.  Shame on Dell for their poor service!!!!