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No communication from Dell

im also getting fed up with them. in june i ordered a $1900 laptop. unexpectedly i had to move, so i cancled the order. Was planning on reordering at the new location, so as to not mess up delivery, as the delivery date was quoted at one month. after three separate support tickets ( each saying they would solve the problem why i havnt recieved a refund yet) they sent emails saying yes, my order was cancled and the support ticket will be closed....... um, what? yah, i  know the order was cancled!!! so i sent a very unhappy email. i got in reply- please give us untill sept 22 to get this figured out. on the 25th, i sent an email saying- still waiting.....! no reply. i really want the laptop, but out of principal, should i buy from some other outfit, if this is how im treated when i WANT to buy their stuff??!!!! srry for the rant. just fed up!

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RE: No communication from Dell

Hi Titaniumtim, 

Thank you for posting your comments on the Dell Community Forum. Please accept my apology for any frustration or disappointment you may have experienced due to the cancellation of your order. 

Dell does not receive payment for an order until it invoices (ships). When you place an order, your bank places those fund on hold, in anticipation of the eventual purchase. If you have not received credit for the cancelled order, you may dispute the charges with your bank. 

I trust this information is helpful. Should you need additional information regarding your order, please follow these instructions:

* Go back to the top of this Customer Care board

* Click the tab "Customer Care - Wiki"

* On the right under "Table of Contents", click "Order Management" 


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