No such thing as "customer care"...

... should be "we don't care"

I ordered a laptop for professional purposes and planed work based on the expected delivery date. I entered my CC info and all looked good. I found by accident a few days later that my order was not being processed because my CC was declined. It was declined because the amount Dell sent was not an authorized amount because they split they invoice but did not show the split in the summary page.

In this day and age of CC fraud many cc companies require you to call and enter approval for large purchases or anything that would.bw seen as non-standard activity. Because the amount Dell sent to my CC company differed from the total gown me on checkout it was seen as a fraudulent purchase. The result... my laptop was delayed by several days and at a billion g rate of $75/hr a couple of days can really add up.

The worst part is the lack of help I received when I contacted Dell. I called and had them process the transaction again and was told.everything was fine. I then asked to talk to someone about expediting the order to make up for the delay and spend the next few hours being transfered from one representative to another, back and forth, being hung up on a few times, and getting nowhere. The people I spoke with apparently could not understand me and I could.not understand them. I would try to explain and finally I would say "credit card" and be immediately transfered to the cc department or I would say the word "fraud" and immediately be sent to the fraud department. They were all just "fluent" enough in English to pick up on, and react to key words but anything outside of that was like speaking Greek to a stone wall.

After a few hours I was finally transfered to someone who I could understand and who cod understand me just to find out that my CC had not actually been processed again and that I still wasn't going to receive my order. We resolved that issue (and I received a confirmation email) and then I tried to see what we cod do to expedite the order. After some time I was the that I would receive a $100 credit once the order shipped but they would do nothing to ship it any quicker. I asked that it simply be shipped next day air once it was built and was ready to ship but my request was met with complete resistance. The agent would say "ok, we will put a note on the order to expedite it" and I would respond with no, would you please change the shipping to next day air. They would.again respond with "ok, I will put a note to..." and around we went! After a half dozed loops through this conversation and I finally gave up. (I was told that someone would call me but anyone want to place a bet on that actually happening)?

Conclusion... I like Dell products but not enough to go through this again. Next time I need hardware I will be checking to see what HP Can do for me.

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