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Order Cancelled (Twice) -- Customer Service = No Help


I am military living overseas and have been doing business with Dell for 7 years.  I purchased my first computer from Dell prior to being deployed to Iraq in 2005 and have purchased 4 other since for myself and family members.  My first dell computer is still running strong!  In fact all my Dells are still running great! Sure I have had to replace a hard drive here, or a CD-Rom Drive there, but hey that's computers!

Here I am now, attempting to purchasing my 6th Dell (Alienware 14x) as a Christmas present for my daughter.  I attempted to purchased the computer on 14 Nov and was going to have it shipped to my parents house as I am station overseas and sometimes it hard to get mail over here (even a month an a half prior to Christmas).  The Dell representative punched it in the computer an assured me the ship date would be the 3rd December.  Today I checked on the progress and apparently the order has been cancelled twice and re ordered.  The new ship date is the 3rd January.  That just doesn't work.  I have spent over 4 hours on the phone with customer service and got nothing accomplished.  No sooner ship date, no discount, they wouldn't even let me cancel my order!  They informed me I would have to send the computer back they haven't even shipped yet!

It appears Dell has lost a customer, a family, and in the future maybe a department of defense contract based on their horrible customer service.


Lt Colonel of the United States Air Force

For the customer support representative that I'm sure will respond to this, check the order formerly known as 229409988.

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