Order Verification Amateur Hour


Order verification sent out emails that look like rogue phishing attempts asking for unnecessary and intrusive personal data. They then intercept the shipment en route even though I made arrangements to receive it on the scheduled day as per tracking number. They don't respond to emails and are unable to receive voice messages and are otherwise unreachable (including supervisors). Dell owes me a monitor 4 days ago.


In February, I tried to order a laptop and received a weird, unprofessional looking email apparently from someone at dell, asking for a copy of my passport and bill with my address on it highlighted in yellow. Over email. It looked super sketchy. Like Nigerian Prince sketchy. I'm not sending that stuff. I refused. Then I got a phone call from the same guy asking in french why I didn't want to send the information. I speak French, I'm in Canada but I had never used french on the dell website. Somehow I got the laptop I ordered. In ordering that laptop I received $96 to spend on a future purchase. This was not a happy transaction.

So, now in June, I order a monitor trying to use up that $96. I have trouble ordering with Chrome, the processing page just keeps looping around when I click pay with credit card. So I try in IE and it goes through. Then I get another email from the same dude in order verification sending me another sketchy email, this time in french, asking for my hydro (electric) bill and driver's license. I reply saying I already ordered successfully in February. I hear nothing back. Ok. Then I receive a shipment notification the order has been processed with a tracking number from purolator. Great. Scheduled Tuesday. Take a day off work. Shipment never shows up. I look it up and it says shipment refused. Package was on truck for delivery, but was intercepted. ***. So I call purolator and they say call Dell. So I call Dell and after 45 minutes of ping pong, they say they will transfer to order verification. So I call them, 50 minutes later...oh whoops this is USA order verification you need to call Canada verification, can't reach them, office closed. Left a call back number. They never call me back. So, now I've spent 4 days trying to reach order verification and they never call back. I've tried calling the jerk from beginning, but he doesn't answer and his voicemail is "not configured properly" or something. So I call more dell support, they keep telling they can't do anything and to call order verification. Except no one answers there. Then I ask for supervisors' names, numbers, emails. Their extensions don't work, you enter them and they just say again please enter a "7 digit extension from USA" over and over (they are 7 digit extension and I'm in Canada). I emailed them also, 3 days now with no response. I called regular customer support and asked them to escalate. They said a manager would call me back but nothing so far.

I called my credit card company (capital one) and asked if dell can ask for passport and they were like, "no that's weird, why would you give that, that's all they need for identify theft," and I'm like, yeah, I know, right? They recommend I ask to talk to a supervisor at Dell.

The credit card has been charged...succesfully! So Dell owes me a gd monitor. Now the Steam summer sale is on, how am I supposed to play Goat Simulator now????? Give me my GD MONITOR YA HOSERS!

Things that *** at Dell:

-Website navigation, searching of items on website just ***, like look at amazon, now back to you, it's a *** list with *** pictures, with *** page navigation, with *** load times
-if you click accessories->headphones (and many other things) you get a blank page, even though there are dozens of headphones for sale
-sometimes you get presented with someone else's session when you load the website!! no I am not "Bradislav" and Brad has never used my computer
-You can't complete a Capital One Costco mastercard purchase in Chrome. I think it has to do with mastercard secure verification which apparently isn't supported by capital one (I inquired with them). So you just click continue, it fails to load and then just brings you back to the how do you want to pay...
-But surprise! it works in IE which is how I placed my order. In 2017 they have this kind of web dev amateur hour
-When you select a monitor instead of just adding to cart and being on your way, you are presented with a piece of sh interstitial loading screen with circa 1996 loading bar asking if I want to customize my monitor. Customize *** on a monitor? Just let me buy it already. Get the *** out of your own way.
-Oh, you placed an order, success right? No, ordeal only just begun. (Aside: has anyone ever used the word "ordeal" when talking about amazon orders? God dell ***. GD s show)
-Order verification? ORder verifcation *** when I already ordered from you to the same address in february (for a more expensive Item). Verify my gd credit card address with the gd credit card company which gd matches the same as in february.
-Oh you want passport photo ID? *** am I applying for a mortgage? No, f off.
-ALso, why tf would I send it over EMAIL? Create a secure portal or something. Not that I would ever trust dell with something like that anyway at this point, but maybe in another timeline
-Oh you ask me for photo ID in an email that looks like it was written by a NIgerian prince? With yellow highlighst and + signs everywhere? F off.
-Dell support ping pong ***. I've been transferred repeatedly to the 7 layers of dell support ***. Customer support has a 1 in 3 chance of knowing anything about anything that is going on. They mostly don't know the difference between USA or Canada verification. Canada verification is an amateur hour sh show.
-I don't know who made it up but 2 different people in regular customer support told me to call the bank because the bank was refusing it because of fraud. I called Capital One and they said nope, no problems on our side, charge went through, no fraud or nothing.
-I'm praying that nothing goes wrong with the laptop and I never have to call dell support
-Order verification extensions don't work so no one is reachable and they never call back. They also don't know how to setup voicemail or check emails.

At least 3 people I know have considered buying the same laptop, which is actually a nice piece of tech, but have now decided against it because of this. 

Things that are good at Dell:

XPS 9560 ( I hope nothing goes wrong with it)
hopefully, issue resolution

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RE: Order Verification Amateur Hour


Thanks for reaching out and taking time to elaborate the issue with the order. I regret the overall experience. This is not what we want our customers to go through. Please private message the order number, registered name on the account and your email address. Let me review the order details and see what best can be done. 

You could send us a private message by hovering the mouse pointer over my username, and adding me as friend.

Dell-Sahana R
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RE: Order Verification Amateur Hour

Hi I have had the worst customer experience with Dell customer support and the Indian staff on the verification team are not helping with my purchase whatsoever. It is like talking to a brick wall.

I have called them 4-5 times already and been told to wait and then hung up on immediately before I can even ask to verify or whatever it is they need me to do to get my purchase taken off of the 'hold' status. I am not sure if this is a miscommunication between staff within the department or if my card has been declined etc. 

Please can you look into this issue. I have sent you a friend request so we can discuss this further. Or if this cannot be resolved please give me the email or number to management or someone who I can formally complain to. 

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